Written by Angel

It’s Chinese New Year again! Aside from looking forward to collecting ang paos, visiting distant relatives and having those ‘exciting’ family reunions where cousins take turn to sacrifice each other to the dreaded aunties’ bombarding questions about your relationship status and lecturing you on why you (might be/are) single. But, fear not! With all the dreads you have to suffer, you can also reward yourself with CHINESE NEW YEAR PROMOTIONS (that won’t make you broke). This season, JD has a 20% discount in store for those who spend more than RM750 in a single receipt & the items they have in this season are to die for! Remember to love yourself ladies.

Adidas Originals Crop California T-Shirt

This crop top ticks all the necessary style boxes for this season, coming off as a classic crop top that you can wear for every occasion. Simple, classy and it goes with almost anything, Hailey Baldwin will tell you the exact same thing.

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/1ywBsT

Pink Soda Sport Pintuck Bra

This sports bra brings a mixture of sexy and style to the gym. With comfortable material that fits your body nicely, keeps you dry no matter how rough the workout gets and also turns a few heads at the gym, you should upgrade your gym wardrobe before you upgrade your wardrobe.

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/kpqZVg

PUMA Basket Heart Embroidered Women’s

This sexy and classy sneakers can be worn for any occasion. To pair with something classy, feminine, sweet, fun or daring, this sneakers can be a pop of colour in any monotone wardrobe. Especially the intricate flower embroidery pattern, which would +1 to your style points.

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/c4esS3

IVY PARK Lace Up Shorts

Modern street-edge pants for a modern edgy girl (who really wants to be comfortable). These shorts add an edge to your outfit with the laces at the sides showing that “hey, I’m into comfort but i won’t let that take a toll on how cute my outfit is.” Perfect for a catch up with your girls at a cafe, a Netflix date with your boyfriend or even a jog around the neighborhood park.

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/4rdAew

IVY PARK Tape Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top

“Damn girl, where did you get that top?” is what you’ll be hearing walking around town with this crop top that’s a blend of edgy and healthy which you can wear at the gym or during off duty days. Beyonce knows what’s up when she co-founded Ivy Park.

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/GQ4EKk

Brookhaven Emily Sunglasses

Girl, your future so bright, you gotta wear shades. Hide that shady personality and mischievous eyes with these new shades that highlight your cheekbones and make you look stylish (even when you’re actually just lazy to do eye make up).

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/cyr21K

Nike Gym Club Training Duffle Bag

With all the black, white, grey and single-coloured gym wear you’re wearing, just make sure you have a striking gym bag. This is so that you can spot your gym bag anywhere and also  your friends can spot you from afar. You can also use this during breast cancer awareness week (winks).

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/2UJQwH

SikSilk Raw Edge Crop Denim Jacket

This denim jacket features raw edges for a chic-edge fashion inspired design. With an acid washed design and the faded logo on the back of the jacket, no one would try to mess with you. This jacket brings out the daring and fierce chick behind the sweet girl that you are.

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/ca5K9h

Sik Silk Hooded Bomber Jacket

The on-trend khaki colours go really great with this jacket which features an adjustable, contrasting hood for added coverage, a full zip fastening and long sleeves with ribbed cuff. The silky and high-shine fabric reflects light and gives you a different sparkle from every angle.

You can get it here! https://goo.gl/bT9WPb

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