By A.Akbar

The Tiger Jams competition gave Scottish electronic pop group CHVRCHES the chance to explore some of the Malaysian music industry’s finest upcoming talents in Son Of A Policeman, Rozella, and Donamarie. As promised by the sponsors Tiger, one of the three artistes mentioned got a golden opportunity to get their track remixed by CHVRCHES themselves, and out of the three songs produced by The Sam Willows, Darren Ashley and ToNick respectively, CHVRCHES announced that they had chosen Rozella’s Home To You track to be remixed.

Before listening to the remixed version of the track, listen to the original track here:



The original “Home To You”, produced by Darren Ashley, already sounded like a million bucks. The song was constructed beautifully to be your official soundtrack to your festive-season-morning-drives around the streets of Kuala Lumpur when most people already ‘balik kampung’. The Malaysian feel is clear especially during the intro, and calls to mind passing by a busy kopitiam in the morning, catering to their regular customers; making the title “Home” oh so fitting in this situation. Both Rozella and Darren Ashley tried something new and touched the right bases to make you feel so belonged whilst listening to the song, which is the essence to the song’s brilliance.

CHVRCHES’ remix however, had something different in mind. The group gave the song a different perspective that’s worth exploring, check it out here:


CHVRCHES’ version of the song “Home To You” is very different compared to the original. CHVRCHES definitely made their mark on the song, and the group managed to slot in their dominant influence without overshadowing Rozella’s ‘homey’ elements from the original track. It’s a symmetrical marriage of influences that had me at the edge of my seat, and now wishing that CHVRCHES called up Rozella in the middle of their set just to play this song during Tiger Jams Centrestage. CHVRCHES added more cinematic value to the already-theatrical original version which was superbly done. This remix belongs in post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie featuring Rozella herself as she survives the challenges of being the main character while this song plays on the trailer.

Overall, both the original and the remix are completely different beasts, and are both excellent in their own visions. But what they have in common other than the main structure and lyrics, is that they belong on the Malaysian airwaves on repeat. CHVRCHES picked the right candidate as Rozella really fits CHVRCHES style of mixing and structuring, and using that authentic connection – a masterpiece was born.

Check out both songs and tell us what you think!