By Shazwan Zulkiffli

An office is often stereotyped as a boring place, and usually, may even be the last place for one to get inspired. However, shared offices and spaces have been sprouting up around Klang Valley, mainly in the Damansara area, that now serve as an alternative to your regular white-fluorescent-lighted offices for companies. Luckily for us, the good people at gave us the keys to their hub to try it out for one day. is a modern shared workspace that is currently in hot demand by companies around Klang Valley. If you are not familiar with what they do, you must have at least seen the name somewhere as its stickers and posters are everywhere from billboards to the taxis’ trunks. As of now, has five branches: TTDI, Mont Kiara, Bukit Bintang, Ara Damansara and Damansara Heights.

The branch we tried out that day was situated inside Citta Mall, a neighborhood mall in Ara Damansara, a neighbourhood mall headlined by big F&B outlets like Nandos, Mikey’s New York Pizza, and Starbucks. However, has its own cafe built near the front door which makes it easier for patrons to access without trawling through the mall. We were greeted by a few familiar faces, including Malaysian pop darling LUNADIRA, who just happened to work at the cafe as a barista. The workspace is spacious, filled with contemporary-style furniture with a touch of vintage paint in colors and aesthetically, the designers at did a great job in balancing corporate and casual with room for a bit of fun.

Lazada Malaysia

Obviously, one of the most important things people look for in an office is the internet connection. Frankly,’s internet connection is, as quoted on their website super fast, and stable enough for me to Netflix-binge and curi main DOTA 2 in between articles (you know I still deliver, boss). Plus, their laser printers are the high-end ones – not the ones that  get paper-jammed after printing one proposal. Also not forgetting, your usual coffee refreshments are free with the package, but please just, dont make a mess that’s all they ask.

Lazada Indonesia

What’s crazier about’s office space is the support services perks, where the management will help you assist you in outsourcing tasks like graphic designing, HR and accounting and tax. Meaning that, on top of a comfortable, soho-like workspace, you get to get things done without a bigger team on affordable rates.

Since is all about flexibility, they offer three different packages for three types of people. If you’re a lone entrepreneur looking for a place with fast internet connection and complimentary meeting room hours, the Hot Desk package starts at RM399.00 a month. However, if you’re looking for stability and a bit more privacy, then the Fixed Desk option stands at a discounted price of RM559.000 with 24 hour-access to the workspace. For me, the Private Office package is the biggest steal, as the price starts just over RM1,000. So instead of renting out an office at a dodgy business park far from any form of public transportation, you can rent out’s Private Office package for about the same price with better perks like free 500 pages of black and white printing, so you’ll never worry about empty inkjets ever again.

The Verdict

As someone who works at a regular office, I will persuade by employers to shift our editorial team to just so that we don’t have to professionally clean the office, and that the coffee is way better than the ones around our office area (thanks Boss).