Hello, hello. I’m back again with a makeup article.

Once upon a time, I was in a writing program called UnRepresented KL and one of my cohort members was a staunch animal activist. She’s an amazing photographer and absolutely beautiful, and she asked me about cruelty-free makeup. Now, I don’t have compunctions about my makeup but you might. With the rise of homegrown organic brands, and all-natural products that treat your face right – you might as well join in and keep the theme going while you get your face beat.

If your products are cruelty-free, that means that they don’t test on animals. If you Google photos of animal testing in cosmetics, the photos are heartbreaking because the animals are usually in very poor condition, and it’s considered unnecessary torture. There was an entire Legally Blonde movie about animal testing. I’m going to go on crueltyfreekitty.com and use her site as reference, as it’s pretty comprehensive.

Now, there’s a difference between cruelty-free and vegan products. Cruelty-free products aren’t tested on animals; vegan products don’t contain any animal byproducts. Fun fact: red dye was usually made from carmine, which means you’re putting crushed beetles on your face. As a matter of fact, if a product was distributed in China – it’s not cruelty-free because China makes it a requirement to test on animals (hello L’Oreal Group).

Here’s a good article on cruelty-free dupes for cult favourites. Now, this site cites everything in dollars but you can find a lot of these products on our shelves or via Instagram sellers. It’s pretty much a good way to see what you can swap out if you’re going cruelty-free OR what you can buy instead of the cult option.

Quick PSA: DO NOT BUY FAKE MAKEUP. I keep seeing this on Twitter, (Naked 5 is not a thing, please for Sephora’s sake do NOT buy fake makeup) and the various curators of twt_makeup and twt_kecantikan have to keep saying this. Fake makeup tends to contain chemicals that aren’t FDA approved (it’s going on your face and being absorbed into your skin, it’d better be safe) and you could break out or develop a skin rash (at best) or develop a tumour (at worst).

Lazada Malaysia

Rant over, back to cruelty-free makeup.

I’m leaving a comprehensive list of cruelty-free and vegan brands below, in case you were wondering what those brands are. It’s got different price-points, so let’s not say that being consciously beautiful costs an exorbitant amount of money.

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