By A.Akbar

Other than MMU, tech offices and a few kebab shops, you can say that Cyberjaya is an unlikely place to host a monstrous music festival. But you have got to give it to Soni KL, for bringing a handful of Malaysian greats to be performing at the Cyberjaya Music Festival this month.

Headlining the show will be the legendary Killeur Calculateur alongside comrades Seven Collar T-Shirt, who will be releasing a new single soon, Chimichanga lovers LUST, and electronic maestros Pastel Lite. The Venopian Solitude will tenangkan bontot anda with a DJ set together with two new exciting upcoming acts, Golden Mammoth and Youth Portal.

The festival initially had a Southeast Asian fusion to it with Mondo Gascaro, Vague and more, but they pulled out due to regulatory issues just yesterday. Now only featuring all-local lineup, the festival since stands strong with the star-studded local acts.

Check out the local acts here:

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