I feel like the term ‘f**kboy’ is overused these days. SJW-types and dating columnists alike (am I one? I don’t know) throw the term about like confetti at a surprise birthday party. I don’t know what the equivalent of the girl term is, but both genders are capable of being dicks to one another. Here’s the 411 on f**kboy behavior, and if you’re exhibiting these traits – you may want to check yourself (before you wreck yourself).


Rejection is what it is – and what it isn’t about, is you. People have preferences: true. People are entitled to their preferences: also true. People rejecting you based on said preferences: absolutely true. As much as no one wants to admit it and everyone wants to live in a fantasy where you can show a person what an amazing, wonderful human being you are – if they’re not interested in you, they’re not interested in you. Constantly pestering them with why or driving yourself mad asking why, isn’t going to help.

FUCKBOY ALERT: if this person constantly overrides your preferences (or attempts to), and insists that they are The One for you – you might have a fuckboy on your hands.

Life lesson that you’ll either learn the easy way, or the hard way: the world doesn’t owe you anything. This extends to people, animals, plants and other inanimate objects (so if you fail at assembling a piece of IKEA furniture, read the bloody manual and find that extra Allen key).  So, good on you for sticking your neck out and confessing your feelings to that special person – more people should be open with their feelings as most people are notoriously emotionally constipated. Unfortunately, you went out of your way and they don’t reciprocate the emotion. That sucks. They still don’t owe you anything.


Lazada Malaysia

F**KBOY ALERT: No matter how nice, how sweet, how whatever a person is – they are not owed access to your body, your affection or your time if you don’t reciprocate the feeling. If I ever hear ‘but you owe me this for _______’, I will wash their mouth out with industrial strength bleach.


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One thing you’ll come to realize as the years go by: people serve different purposes in your life. Some people are friends, some are lovers, some are friends so close – they’re kinda like family. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a 2-for-1 deal, but it doesn’t always work like that.

So, maybe you’ve rejected someone and they don’t want to be friends. That’s okay. Maybe someone rejected you and it hurts, so you withdraw for a while. That’s also okay. Now, if you’ve been rejected and you issue an ultimatum (this applies to people who become friends ONLY to potentially get into someone’s pants) like “either you date me, or we’re not friends anymore” – tell this person to GTFO as soon as possible. That’s not cool, that’s just creepy. Nobody wants your weird butt anywhere near them, so kthxbye.

FUCKBOY ALERT: Ultimatums are for desperate, last-ditch cases – like your partner cheating x number of times or when your lives are growing apart and it feels like you’re the only one putting in effort. Being rejected? INAPPROPRIATE.

Ever had a f**kboy in your life? Ever been a f**kboy? What is the right word for a female f**kboy? You tell me down in the comments.