DATING STARTER PACK: 6 Guys You Meet On Your Dating Journey

Ah, dating. It’s weird, it’s strange and I’ve written way too much about it. That being said, there’s a certain set of guys you’ll probably start out dating when you venture into KL’s urban jungle. I’ve written endless articles on these guys – they exist in almost every part of society. They’re not new, but let me present to you a concise guide to identifying them. Don’t @ me, but tag your friends.

Listed here are the six most common types that you’ll find in the Klang Valley area:

Aman Nagiff, shot by Aubrey Yong

The Gym Junkie

It’s all about the gains, bro. He’s talking about sports, the gym and he’ll even invite you out so that he can show you some sick move. 80% of his closet is sports gear. Hell, if you lurk on his Instagram – it’s almost all fitness progress shots. He’s built like a Greek statue, but well –

He’ll give you fitness and health advice, but he’s also keeping an eye on how many glasses of wine you’ve had or how many calories are on your plate. A major snooze fest if you’re not into it.

Daniel Fleischer, shot by Aubrey Yong

Lazada Malaysia

The Preppy One

Oh, you know this one. He probably went to a prestigious school. Between the collared shirt and boat shoes, you don’t know which way to look. He’s got a nice car, he’s always suggesting nice places and he’s definitely a dinner-and-a-movie kinda guy. He’ll tell you all about his adventures overseas.

He probably has a pretty high opinion of himself, and you might catch him checking his hair in any reflective surface. At least he’s on time – none of this Malaysian timing going on.

Lazada Indonesia

Amir Norman, shot by Aubrey Yong

The Nice One

He’s a casual kind of guy, and yeah – they start out nice and gentle. He’s there for you, always. Want someone to head out with? He’s down. Whether it’s attention or compliments, this guy’s got it.

You don’t even realize it at first, but damn – boy is a player. He’s playing the long con, and eventually – once your deal has fizzled out, he just disappears. Oops.

Yasir Cottam, shot by Aubrey Yong


He’s pretty. But more importantly, his aesthetic is on point and he’s always covered when it comes to the new Supreme drop. Maybe he’s a model, maybe he’s a social media influencer – but whatever the case is, people are going to stop and stare. Question is, can your aesthetic match up?

Nabil Kamal, shot by Aubrey Yong


The sadboi doesn’t seem generic, initially. He could listen to classical, he probably studies weird obscure things because he likes it. He treats you like a human being – it’s great! You think, maybe this is the one. Or maybe not. He spends a lot of his time acting like Dan from Gossip Girl – there’s a lot of self-victimization, a lot of brooding and a lot of emotional swings that leave you wondering ‘boy wyd’.

A variant of the sadboi is the softboi. Softer (like the sweaters he wears) than his sadboi counterpart – he’ll slide respectfully into your DMs and ask for your opinions on things. If your type is JGL in (500) Days of Summer or you fancy yourself a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, you might find yourself a brooding, soulful boy to entice. JUICE did a great write up on them, so feel free to check that out.

Izzul Iman, shot by Aubrey Yong

The Class Act 

Boy has class. He orders white wine when you’re out – that’s a Sauvignon Blanc, for what it’s worth. He’s got perfect pronunciation and knows exactly how to carry himself. He looks stupidly put together, no matter what he’s wearing. If he’s a little older, he’s probably a banker or some kind of suit (and he definitely looks good in a suit).

Elocution lessons have done this boy well, he enunciates every syllable and you’re kind of swept off your feet. He makes you feel like a princess. Just be careful that his blood isn’t too rich for you, because you never know.