By A.Akbar

As we all already know, Dato Seri Vida is multi-talented, being the founder of a successful cosmetics line and the festive savior of Kelantan’s Red Warriors among other things. Having built a strong brand with Qu Puteh and its unique marketing approaches with her own two very capable hands, Dato Seri Vida was destined for stardom since the start. The businesswoman/ beauty queen has never been shy in front of the cameras and after watching this, I’m positive that she will never be.

Dato Vida joined arms with KRU Music, a label started by the KRU brothers, to produce ‘I Am Me’, her debut single, that this writer predicts will soon be on heavy rotation in radio stations and national television channels. The office was doubled over with joy upon me playing this song out loud, and I am glad to have converted so many to the one true diva.

Vida has long expressed interest in the music industry, especially after sponsoring a few music-themed shows, namely Gegar Vaganza, so it comes as no surprise that the Dato’ is dipping her feet into the industry in a Beyonce-Single Ladies-ish fashion. ‘I Am Me’ even features Dato’ dancing – and believe me, B got nothing on the V.

If you like what’s been overplayed on mainstream radio stations at the moment, then you will definitely love this:

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