By Shazwan Zulkiffli

Yeah, yeah. You might have heard this before. ‘The next big thing in Malaysian indie’ or any clickbaity labels that music portals tend to use to sell you a promising-sounding talent, that will most probably blow your mind but then, disappoint you later due to commitment issues, nenek meninggal kat kampung, MLM, girl problems – pick any generic reason because the outcome is the same.

That’s why I initially refuse to invest my emotions into The Filters. A fairly new band who has been gigging around KL doing God knows what, but have been getting good reviews. SOAP’s Josh Ganesan, Senja’s Kasih Azhar and Mira Azman, Satwo’s manager have been excessively promoting the band, throwing around words like ‘next’, ‘big’, and ‘thing’ in one sentence, which made me even more sceptical. But after listening to ‘John Pine’, these people may have a point:

Consists of Ian Francis Khoo, Iain Chan, Aiman Shakirin and Reuben Ravi, The Filters through ‘John Pine’ has Franz Ferdinand’s grooviness, Two Door Cinema Club’s quirkiness, and The Strokes’ dashing garage boy band character. Although the band has almost zero social media activity, these boys have succeeded to earn hundreds of fans – just through word of mouth and recommendation of others.

Lazada Malaysia

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