By A. Akbar

There are bands in the scene, and there is Massacre Conspiracy. The sextet of Ash, Emy, Godoy, Sonny, Ax, and Daniel make up Malaysia’s biggest metal band, and now an EP and an album into their 8 year career, are arguably the torchbearers of Malaysia’s much maligned underground music scene – one second crossing over into the mainstream limelight next to Oh Chentaku on live national TV, the next orchestrating a circle pit at Malaysia’s longest running local music festival, Rock The World.

Formed in 2008, MC16, as they like to style themselves, have created a fanbase like no other through their always-kinetic stage show. Best described perhaps as melodic death metal ala Darkest Hour crossed with the more aggressive metalcore stylings found in As I Lay Dying, MC16 began to truly take off with the release of a music video for Bloodless five years ago. The music video has been viewed over 300,000 times and has made Bloodless the band’s calling card at shows- sung along to with rapturous vigor and till throats go sore.

The band last year celebrated the release of their first album, Lost Holocaust– essentially a compilation of 7 years of being a band and touring all across Malaysia- and to further flung corners like Japan and Canada as well. The recent release of Kingslayer has been deemed a success among fans as well, with many praising the more cerebral lyrics that form a political criticism ala Rage Against the Machine- though it is clear that the band has to push its sound further to create more varied soundscapes in its future releases, and with vocalist As teasing cleanly sung vocals more and more these days, the next evolution of MC16 should be something to see.

With their music readily available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and more, there’s no reason to not get familiar with with KL’s metal kings. Check it out and remember, #StayMetal.