By A.Akbar

Seeing One Buck Short in the roster of a big Malaysian rock festival has become a must as the band is still one of the most exciting punk bands around. Founded when Rahul and Mooky were still in their early college years, One Buck Short made everyone ask that “Is this a Malaysian band?” question when they first set up shop.

One Buck Short, also known as OBS, first released their EP “Where Is The Mouse?” that caught the attention of Malaysian music lovers at the time, who were just getting into the rise of the indie scene – so you can say that their arrival was indeed timely. The song “That Day”, which was taken from that EP, became such a hit that it helped the band earned the opportunity to play at the biggest of stages, such as Rock The World. Watch this clip of OBS rocking That Day with Sasi The Don from well over 10 years ago!



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The band later came up with their debut album “Halal & Lovin’ It” in 2006 which turned out to be one of the most important records in Malaysian pop punk history. Produced by Greg Henderson, who also produced Emmet I’s latest single, Halal & Lovin’ It brought back “That Day” alongside new tracks like “Fast Times”, their first single of the album, “10.04”, which was loosely based on the cult classic movie Back To The Future, “Kelibat Korupsi” which had a slight Dikir Barat influence tied into the song, and “Khayalan Masa”, a fan-favorite sing-along song during shows.


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The success of “Halal & Loving It” led to many high-profile shows including opening for My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, and Good Charlotte as well as a slot at the prestigious SingFest who they shared the stage with the likes of The Academy Is…, Avenged Sevenfold, and MxPx plus a couple of appearances at Rock The World.

One Buck Short then came out with a new album called “Kampong Glam” that had fans off their pizzas with the release of “Carilah Duit” that garnered a satisfying amount of 89,000 views. Other songs in the album like “Ditiup Kata Rindu” and their cover of P.Ramlee’s “Pok Pok Bujang Lapok” also got the attention they deserved before the band began to wind down and enter the next phase of their careers as godfathers of the music scene.

After their return at several shows – notably Hari Belia Negara and opening for punk legends New Found Glory, there were rumors that the band was set to return to the studio for a new release and in the light of this year’s Rockaway, where One Buck Short will once again rock the stage, the band may just drop some new stuff – something you’ve all been waiting for.

One Buck Short has been active in posting up VLOGs on their page leading up to Rockaway Festival 2016. If you want to hear the big news yourself (*if it happens*), check them out at