The big life is a small step away.

Let no one tell you any different – times are hard. The ringgit doesn’t go quite as far as it once did, and even nasi lemak is going up in price these days. Let’s not even get started on portion sizes – we Malaysians love our food, and we love lots of it, and the current status quo just will not do.

What about shopping these days? RM100 barely gets you anything nice in Mid Valley Megamall, let alone the glittering walkways of Pavillion – and it’s hard enough to keep up with the latest trends with the new Vans x Pa’din Musa collaboration shoes going for RM400 in the secondary market! Yes, the ringgit is shrinking, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the good life.

Welcome to Leisureland.

Now, most people don’t think very well of the word ‘downsizing’, because that usually means someone’s losing a job soon – but what if we told you that a mere RM500,000 would be equal to RM50 million if you downsized yourself?

That’s right – the high life is no longer out of reach at Leisureland – the first city for downsized people in the world! BIG vacations, BIG houses, and BIG cars are just a part of the good life you’ll be living in Leisureland once you’ve undergone the revolutionary Downsizing process that will irreversibly transform you into a 12cm tall human being, allowing you to stretch that ringgit out and live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Worried you might miss out on the comforts of the BIG world out there? Never fear, because at Leisureland you can shop till you drop at the shopping malls, go hiking with friends in the amazing landscape surrounding the main city of Leisureland, and even go boating on the lake in front of your mansion!

When you’ve had your fun for the day, head on down to the many restaurants serving our downsized citizens and maybe even help yourself to some nasi lemak – or go the full monty and order a BIG satay stick with some friends to experience a feast like never before.

In fact, you now can find out just how much your savings will be worth in Leisureland thanks to this handy currency converter!

Still not convinced? Check out this video on how to really live life LARGE – and we mean large – here!

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about DOWNSIZING opening in cinemas nationwide on 18 January. Get ready to live the big life you’ve always wanted – it’s just a small step away.

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