by Maruxa Lynd


The wait is finally over as ‘ Scorpion’, the fifth studio album by the king of OVO , Drake was released on June 29th . Consisting of 25 tracks as a double –disk album (there’s side A and side B ,my guy) , the album has already proved a strong presence in Spotify’s playlists as it has already hit Platinum . ‘Scorpion’ has been  played 10 million times per hour while it also garnered 170 millions streams worldwide on Apple Music , breaking the record of any streaming site for day-one album streams . “More Life “, Drake’s 2017 mix tape held the previous record with 89.9 million streams on the day of its release.

As I mentioned earlier, the ‘Scorpion’ album is long AF! The album is made up of the two elements that make up his artistry throughout his career, infusing samples of songs from the past decades (Mariah Carey’s Emotion and Lauren Hill’s Ex-Factor included) , having Michael Jackson’s unreleased posthumous vocals on a track,  and incorporating bits of New Orleans bounce and Neo-soul on the new songs . There are the iconic sounds that you can immediately recognize such as God’s Plan and Nice For What and the more mellow, bare – it – all R&B tracks on the other half that would make you add it in your make – out playlist on Spotify . Not sure if you guys would agree but don’t you think Sandra’s Rose reminds you of Kanye’s Good Morning ?

Drake’s involvement in various conflicts with other rappers are aplenty but the recent beef with Pusha – T needed a closure. So, it would only be relevant that his tracks would include subliminal disses thrown at Pusha for black-facing Drake’s photo and using it as the artwork for Adidon . Drake responds in his song Nonstop with “ Yeah I’m light skinned , but I’m still a dark n**** .”  To add to that list , after XxxTentacion’s tragic death , a lot of fans took it to social media and theorized that I’m Upset had shades thrown to X (after their beef last year) and even speculated that Drizzy had a connection to his death as his raps “SMS, triple X . That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck. Why you keep on shootin’ if you know that n**** dead?”. In Emotionless , he rapped “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid. From empty souls who just wake up and looked to debate. Until you starin’ at your seed, you can never relate,” as an affirmation that he is now a full-fledged dad despite his anxiety towards paternity. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how Drake finally opened up about his son after months of ghosting us on the matter. He’s winning! Drake used his vulnerability and raked bands with the success and clout that this album is getting.

I’ve got my verdict on the album and I could say that I am actually falling in love with it! It actually didn’t grasp much of my attention the first time I listened to it but tunes lingered in my head enough that it started auto – repeating them. Songs that I like the most in this album? Nonstop, Nice For What, Peak , Jaded , Finesse , Summer Games , I’m Upset , God’s Plan , Emotionless , Elevate & Mob Ties . I could say that I’m  more into his rap songs compared to his R&B ones but ‘Peak’ spoke to me the most cause it had Drake’s ‘Jungle’ vibes all over it . I’d give this second place after the ‘More Life’ mix tape from Drizzy. Listen to Scorpion here :

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