From Ganache to Crème Brûlée, European Cream does it better

By Yasmin Newman

European cream has always trumped their essence of a great recipe when it comes to doing pastries, there is no doubt about it. The European cream has a way of giving that unique velvety taste, to uphold their rich tradition and reputation of only the most sophisticated pastry and quality of the highest order. So if you’re hungry and looking for some sweet treats, look no further than European Cream.

To date, the French Dairy Inter-Branch Organisation (CNIEL) held a media event, financed with aid from the European union at Pastry Institute of St Honore to demonstrate the exquisite taste of  European cream  through a range of pastries.

The pastry chefs’ have designed delicious and elegant confections, cakes and pastries, that have won the hearts of the world. They are so delicious that many of us have it even for breakfast. The recently held event exhibited a buffet of brioche, tart Tropézienne, Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Salmon quiche, Chicken Cream Pie and Mushroom Vol Au Vent with topping made of European cream.

What makes the pastries so mouth watering? There are various techniques in the art of cooking cream. Chef Oger at the event demonstrated four different recipes.. The quality that makes this a stand out lies in the consistency in their milk production in Europe. From low fat cream to pasteurised fresh single or double cream, their viscosity, their structure, and their method of packaging all contribute to the uniqueness of the product.

I mean, just take a look at these mouth watering desserts. It is clear that the European cream can be used in anything from an appetising start to a deliciously sinful dessert!

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