by Muhammad Salihin

Last week, Kidd Santhe, Lil J & Airliftz  released their very own 2018 World Cup theme song titled “Equalizer” and I daresay that it is a lot better than the official one.

So far, we have a number of memorable WC songs including the iconic “Ole Ole Ole” by Ricky Martin during the 1994 World Cup, to the patriotic “This is Africa” by Shakira for the 2010 World Cup, we even have that one World Cup song back in 2002 that made the bottom of your stomach feel a little weird (How was that a WC song, really?).

But this year, the football Gods gave us “Colors” by Jason Derulo, which to me, sounds awfully familiar – maybe like the same five songs that local mainstream radios put on rotation? Mostly, it lacks spirit, especially for a World Cup theme song. It would be better off for it to be released just as a single for Derulo, but as a World Cup official theme song? You can do a lot better FIFA.

Step aside JAAAASONNNN DERUUULOWWW, “Equalizer” has what it needs to be deemed as a World Cup theme song- it has anticipation, momentum and it actually gets you in the mood for the upcoming 2018 World Cup. Kudos to Kidd Santhe, Lil J & Airliftz for coming up with a well-composed World Cup theme song.

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