Friday morning, Red Bull Europe and Orchan Consulting were nice enough to transport and fight through traffic for us, as we made our way up to Genting for one of the world’s biggest eSports events of the year. After some time traveling through the barely visible mist, 1,740m (5,710ft) above sea level, we finally made it to the Arena of Stars for ESL One Genting to witness history in the making. Malaysians finally got a major prestigious Dota 2 tournament to be posted in their backyard.

The venue was cool (both in awesomeness and temperature), with the turnout being quite surprising especially for a work day. People from all over came to see some of their favourite teams battle it out in the new Dota 2 7.0 patch and the place was packed. You had the likes of, Fnatic, Newbee, Team NP, Digital Chaos, Execration, Wings Gaming and WariorsGaming.Unity all battling for the ultimate bragging rights and a large slice of that 250,000 USD prize pool.


Watching the first game of the day was a train wreck. Crowd favourites Mushi and the rest of the Fnatic drafted poorly and ended up losing to VP with a kill score of 12 to 23 in a 26 minute game. In a best of one group stages, double elimination format, this already does not bode well for the Malaysian team. This would soon set the stage for the other matches as well, with most ending earlier rather than later and were very one sided. Eventually even WG.Unity also took a loss, which demolished the dream of an all Malaysian finals. Even in the best of three between match between VP and Newbee had one game where VP only managed to score 1 kill versus Newbee’s 34.

The only close game that was somewhat more exciting was the second match between Wings and DC. The score was tight with DC etching out a win 47-45 kills in a 57 minute game. Moon’s Legion Commander truly took charge that game by controlling the team fights and basically picking off key problematic heroes.

The 3rd and final game of the day also had Misery playing beautifully on Pudge. Dc is starting to truly shine, especially seen in the impressive long chase and escape by Moon’s Omni Knight and the Pudge. The constant blinking and force staffing each other to safety with pudge hooks, was poetry in motion.

Now that is more of what we want to see, none of this 5 man dead balls, knock on your racks at 12-15 minutes in. Game ending 10 minutes later nonsense; we left that patch long ago. Please don’t bring back death balls.

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