By Jeremy Say

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Day 3:

After Digital Chaos (DC) was able to get revenge on Wings for TI6 Grand Finals in yesterday’s match, many were seeing DC in a new light. Asking around in the morning, many people thought that DC could very well make it to the finals.

So as we moved to the Arena of Stars, we were treated to some pre-show antics with Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner. It was quite entertaining to see cosplayers “killing” attendees in front of a camera – fans will do almost anything for free stuff or to be in a video.

There are also many other little tidbits from Eri Neeman, host of ESL One Genting, that entertained the crowd as we anxiously waited for the next match. Everything from interviews to hyping up the crowd with fan vs fan trash talking made for quite a few early morning laughs, waking the audience up for the games ahead – quite the Herculean effort given the sleep-inducing cold of Genting. There was one point one poor fan who forgot momentarily who was on the roster of DC, which was broadcasted by Twitch, Tonton, and NTV7. Whoops!

To be fair to us, however, Malaysia doesn’t get any real big tournaments, and the last “big” one kinda fell on its side.

Any ways moving on to the actual games, the first matchup of day 3 was DC vs (VP). The game was quite close in kills and farms 16 minutes in, you couldn’t tell whose game it was. Slowly though, DC took control of the map with better vision and more mobile heroes. Soon a farmed Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok’ Juggernaut and Aliwi “w33” Omar’s QOP were knocking on the door of VP asking them to call GG.

Game 2 we got to see a few surprises in the draft, you had CK and W33’s famous invoker v. Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev’s famous Juggernaut. The match was quite similar to the first with both teams seeming to be on equal footing. Slowly, mistakes were made and began to add up, like the missed stuns from the lion on VP – which led to defeat.

On the next set, we had Newbee v. Wings – the battle of the China Titans. Battling to see who would represent Chinese Dota, they went to a full 3 games in a best of 3. The first match was a complete trainwreck for Wings, as Chu “shadow” Zeyu’s Drow was essentially useless. Nothing could stop the Wings’ lineup from rushing in and destroying them.

Game 2, Wings came back swinging for the fences. Zhou “bLink” Yang’s farming Necrophos could not be killed. Along with Shadow, they overwhelmed the enemy and were able to base race against Newbee and came up on top with the better sustain. Even fighting under tower, next to the enemy throne, Newbee could do nothing as they drop one by one.

Game 3, was a game of attrition. With a Broodmother pick, Wings looked to end the game early. Sadly, up against a farmed Song “Sccc” Chun’s Medusa with Drow’s aura, sieging high ground was difficult. It didn’t help that Damien “kphoenii” Chok’s Clockwerk and Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi’s Rubick caused so much disruption, that no one could focus on the Medusa for long. Sadly our TI6 winners couldn’t push through and had to admit defeat after multiple attempts to destroy the raxes.

Now we finally at the Grand Finals, Newbee v. DC, the East v. the West. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for the crowd as many were shouting w33haa’s name. Clearly the crowd seemed to lean towards DC, or at least the noisest people in the crowd made it seem that way. Either way, things did not look good at the start for Newbee.

Game 1, they tried legion commander again, which fell to the side as Sccc’s Outworld Devourer was unstoppable. He even had time to save his own teammates on so many occasions, you would have thought he was a support Shadow Demon. Sccc didn’t even have a single death to his name as he went 16-0-8.

Game 2 was a lot closer as the game went on for nearly 53 minutes. Everything looked good for DC and especially Resolut1on’s Naga, but a couple of forced sieges led to near team wipes as the vacuum/wall combo with all of Witch Doctors Skills proved extremely destructive. Even that was not enough for Newbee to defend high ground as DC slowly besieged the base and split-pushed their way to victory.

Game 3, Sccc does it again with Shadow Fiend this time. He once again single handedly stomped the game so hard that it was plausible that he would get a 10-0-3 score. Soon enough, just how many times he ends a game with no deaths may become stuff of eSport legend. The glass cannons proved too much as DC couldn’t go toe to toe with them.

Game 4, things looked bleak for DC, and the question was, could they make it to a game 5? Well, if Resolut1on’s Slark could get a 19 minute Threads, Aquila, Echo Saber, and a Silver Edge, then yes! What looked like a disastrous start for DC as Newbee clumped up as 5 soon became their downfall. Nothing could stop the Slark from ripping through Newbee.

Game 5, the one for all the marbles. DC picked a Centaur Warrunner (CW) for David “MoonMeander” Tan which proved its worth as Newbee had much difficulty running away. That CW ultimate was the easiest way to solve Lifestealer’s issues about other heroes running away from him, all he want is a hug and maybe to take a bite out of you. While the game looked to be decidedly in DC’s favor after 16 minutes, Newbee fought tooth and nail for another 15 minutes before calling GG.

The crowd went wild as Digital Chaos jumped out of their seats and celebrated. They had every right to do so as your champions of ESL One Genting! They fought long and hard to get to this point, so congratulate them if you haven’t already at @DIGITALCHAOSgg.

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