By Jeremy Say

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The ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2016 was held at TaKe’s Gaming Bar, Krefeld – a 5  online cups with 16 players each. With points awarded per cup, the 8 highest ranked players move on to the group stages then a BO5 single elimination bracket playoffs.

GunGFuBanDa, in a surprising turn of events, was finally able to overcome HeRoMaRinE in the semis (a rival he had yet to defeat in the other ESL Meisterschaft seasons) and take first place against HaNfy in a complete shutout 3-0.



SHOUTcraft Kings 2016 came around again and boy was it fun to watch. 21 well known players fought for the King position and to win money till they are dethroned. INnoVation, the previous king of last month, continued the streak upping his wins from 7 to 10 before being dethroned by Hurricane. At the end of the day the highest win streak was 3 games and currently Neeb will take the title of the king into next month. Long live the King!

Once again, the tournament was casted by John “totalBiscuit” Bain and Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant, potential Starcraft rap god.



World Cyber Arena (WCA) 2016: Europe Qualifier finished its 3 week run for a place at the WCA 2016 Global Finals in Beijing and a chance at USD 200,000 (approx RM 810,000). The top 2 winners PtitDrogo from mYinsanity and Nerchio from EURONICS gaming make it through to join other famous players in the finals: Patience, Cyan, Ryung, GuMiho, and ByuN.





On the 27-28 August the CyberPowerPC Summer 2016 Pro series ended with Cloud 9 dominating the whole tournament 2-0 everyone. Even the finals against Team Liquid went 2-0, putting Cloud 9 in first place.





The ESEA Season 22: Global Premier Challenge at Katowice was a two group of four teams in GSL format with top 2 advancing. Those that advance proceed to the single-elimination playoffs for a chance at US 50,000 (RM ~20,000).

Mortal Kombat (yes the team was named after the iconic fighting game) was able to defeat Crowns Esports Club 2-0.





At the Conrad Hotel in Dubai on the 28th of August, 2016, 8 teams entered and one survived. The winner got ¥ CNY 200,000 ( RM ~120,000) which ultimately went to Space Soldiers 2-0ing Bravado Gaming.





Power-Lan 2016 is a four group of four teams, GSL format, with top 2 advancing to the playoffs which is a single-elimination bracket. 1st place winner receives kr DKK 100,000 (RM ~60,000) from a total prize pool of kr DKK 160,000 (RM ~97,000).

Heroic was crowned the champion as they took down Team Dignitas 2-1 at the finals.




Insomnia58 – Truesilver Championship II organized by Multiplay in Birmingham has a purse of USD 30,000 (RM ~120,000) with the first place finalist getting USD 10,000 (RM ~40,000) for his or her troubles.

Legendary aggressive troll Ek0p won against Xixo in a very tight match in a best of five match that went the full course. It was Xixo’s Aggro Shaman, Malygos Druid, and Murloc Paladin against Ek0p’s Zoo Warlock, C’Thun Warrior, and Yogg Druid.

Ek0p finally won the finals 3-2 against Xixo in some very well played matches.

Source; reddit

Source; reddit


League of Legends:


2016 Tencent LoL Pro League Summer Playoffs is a Chinese single-elimination best of five with the top 4 teams being seeded for the 2016 LPL Summer Season and the winner qualifies for the 2016 Season World Championship that boasts a prize pool of ¥ CNY 3,500,000 (RM ~2,120,000).

Congratulations are in order towards Edward Gaming taking the tournament against Royal Never Give up 3-0 in the finals.


2016 China Regional Finals determines the 3rd Chinese to qualify for the prestigious 2016 Season World Championship. The 2nd to 5th ranks will gain Championship points in this single-elimination seeded tournament best of fives

I May in the finals was able to defeat WE in a close 3-2 match. As a side note the teams are bolded because the Chinese teams just had to use those names.

Congratulations to I May qualifying for 2016 Season World Championship.