By Jeremy Say

Welcome to eSports Weekly, your weekly wrap up of all the eSports news you could ever want. This week: ELEAGUE Season 1, Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Season XI – Shanghai, SHOUTcraft Kings 2016, 2016 EU LCS Summer, 2016 NA LCS Summer, LGD Banana Replacement, TNC/Xtcn visa follow-up, Global Grand Masters Season 1, ESL One Genting and TI6 breaking records once again.



ELEAGUE Season 1, the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) league to be broadcast on cable television TBS and Twitch, has finally come to an end. This two month tournament had 24 teams compete for a total prize pool of USD1.4 million. Congratulations to the winners and here are the final standings: 



StarCraft II


Intel® Extreme Masters Season XI – Shanghai, is the first event of the season organised by ESL and was held in Shanghai. 16 players compete for a prize pool of USD50k and 5k worth of WCS Circuit Points. Six Protoss, 2 Terrans and 8 Zergs walk-in, but only one walks out a winner.

Other than the prestigious IEM, we had a more casual but professional tournament in SHOUTcraft Kings July 2016. SHOUTcraft Kings is a King of the Hill format single elimination tournament that is a monthly affair. With July coming to a close,we can’t wait for the August tournament to start.

With 20 maps, a player is able to win USD250 per match won and stays on (crowned King) until they are defeated by another player. The current King at the end of the 20 maps will continue on in the next month’s tournament. With 21 well known professional players alongside great hosts, John “TotalBiscuit” Bain and Nathanias “Nathanias” Fabrikant, what is there not to love about this tournament.


League of Legends


TSM picks Teemo, the ultimate troll, against NRG due to 24k retweets in 2016 NA LCS Summer Season as a final goodbye to the season. Waiting for the Summer Playoffs, congratulations are in order to the top six teams that qualified: 

the top six teams that qualified. Source;

the top six teams that qualified. Source;

As for Europe, 2016 EU LCS Summer Season has also ended and is moving into the playoffs. Congratulations to the top 6 teams:



Dota 2


LGD coach and former TI winner from Newbee, Wang “Banana” Jiao replaces Xue “September” Zhichuan due to visa denial. This is yet again another instance of the visa issues players have to face trying to attend TI6. Hopefully LGD can still perform on the big stage one day.

Luckily, TNC Pro Team and Execration have resolved their visa issues. The confusion apparently stems from the fact that the teams initially applied for a B1/B2 visa which was originally standard practice. However, since TI6 is an internationally recognised tournament, the US Embassy possibly rejected the B1/B2 visas on grounds that the tournament is a legit sport and players should be applying for a P1 athletes visa instead. No matter the circumstances, with just a few days to TI6, thankfully the two teams are able to go with there new P1 visas.

Speaking of TI6, another record is broken as the prize pool is now over USD18.5 million. This is a new record for eSports and one giant leap for the Dota 2 community. It is cutting it close as TI6 is starting soon but the community finally got there. So don’t forget compendium/battle pass users, our hats are incoming.





In other news Global Grand Masters Season 1 ended earlier last week. Congratulations to the top four finishers for USD50k:  


And lastly ESL One Genting was officially launched last week and more info can be found here.


Till next week, happy gaming.