September 13th, 1 AM local time – The Apple Keynote 2017 proves how scary Apple can be at shaking the tech industry. At the new Steve Jobs theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, we got info on four products – Apple Watch series 3, Apple 4K TV, iPhone 8, and iPhone X.

Here are the highlights from the whole event. If you don’t want to shell out for an iPhone X click here for things we rather spend our money on!

If you want to check out the keynote for yourself click here.


  • This is the first event to be held in the Steve jobs Theater at the new Apple Park headquarters.
  • We hear Steve Jobs voice as Tim Cook comes on stage, clearly emotional, and pays tribute to the great who passed away 6 years ago
  • They’re not ‘Apple Stores’, according to the head of Apple Retail, Angela Ahrendts, they are Town Squares. Talk about building an Apple Nation.

Apple Watch

  • WatchOS 4 will have new fitness features and metrics for the heart rate monitor
    • The new OS is to roll out 19th September
  • Apple Watch series 3
    • LTE connectivity, now you can go for a run without your phone and still be connected.
      • “The number is the same number as your iPhone”, all thanks of course to their e-sim card
    • Sadly it seems every phone event this year has a cringe scripted moment. Somehow calling someone on a paddleboard to demonstrate the mic on the watch is just ridiculous. Please every tech company, just stop.
    • With Apple Music, you can stream music
    • Siri will now be able to talk back to you and relay information due to a faster dual core processor
    • Has a new faster Wi-Fi (W2) chip and Bluetooth 5.0
    • Comes with a barometric altimeter
    • Watch is only 0.25mm thicker than the last series
    • Lots of new bands and a sports loop.
    • Priced at 329 USD without cellular and 399 USD with cellular
    • They stated that orders begin on 15th September and will be shipping on the 22nd. Now to wait for an eternity in Malaysia
    • The original series 1 now retails for 269 USD

Apple TV

  • Apple TV finally has HDR and 4K streaming capabilities, but this is sadly not new technology. Other hardware systems have had it for 2 years
  • CPU is twice as fast with the GPU getting a 4x speed upgrade
  • 4K content is secured for iTunes with additional support for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (Not available in Malaysia)
  • If you own the content on iTunes it will auto upgrade to 4K
  • Live coverage of sports
  • A new game by Thatgamecompany called Sky, it’s the spiritual successor of Journey and is exclusive to iOS and Apple TV
  • Ships 22nd September and starts at 179 USD

iPhone 8

  • It still looks like the iPhone 7 but with a glass back as well as wireless charging
    • Supports Qi wireless charging standard
  • Has the new A11 (6-core) bionic chip and the first fully in-house GPU
  • A new image signal processor for faster low-light autofocus and decreased noise
  • The camera gets a new sensor and colour filter. The 8 Plus notably gets two new sensors for both of its new cameras.
  • Shooting 4K video and photos will be sharper, especially in low light conditions
  • Schiller calls the iPhone the first phone ‘designed for Augmented Reality’, which should be noted is not true. Plenty of phones have come out with AR in mind, with Google’s Project Tango coming to mind.
  • Warhammer and a baseball analytics app showcase the AR capabilities
  • Alti Mar of Directive Games shows us a AR tower defense like game. Not exactly impressive.
  • iPhone 8 64GB model goes for 699 USD and the iPhone 8 Plus is 799 USD
  • Pre-orders start on 15th September and ships on the 22nd.
  • New iOS 11 will be available on 19th September

iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten)

  • The full (infinity) 5.8” OLED screen with “super retina display” is only on the iPhone X
  • The iPhone X commemorates the iPhone’s 10th year anniversary
  • Has a glass back for wireless charging and a dual camera setup with a slight bump
  • Is water and dust proof
  • With no home button, you now use the screen to swipe up from the bottom to get back home
  • There is a side button for an AI dedicated button, sounds familiar…
  • TouchID is now replaced with FaceID
  • IR technology that works at night to unlock your phone and is harder to fool
  • FaceID works with whatever TouchId works with, ie Apple Pay
  • The bionic part of the A11 is a neural engine that is what makes FaceID work. It also now can be used to animate emojis with your facial expression.
  • FaceID fails on the first try, well to be more accurate, Craig Federighi has to input a passcode to enable FaceID. Probably someone reset the phone before putting it on stage and is now out of a job.
  • Dual 12MP camera setup like on the iPhone 8 Plus, just that the telephoto lens gains optical image stabilisation (OIS) and is faster
  • Front facing camera supports the new portrait mode which allows you to add studio lighting effects
  • Most important to power users, they claim that theirs sports an additional 2 hours of battery life compared to the iPhone 7
  • Pre-orders starts  on 27th October and ships 3rd November for 999 USD for the 64GB model.

Other iPhone Models

  • iPhone SE is now 349 USD
  • iPhone 6S is now 449 USD
  • iPhone 7 is now 549 USD


  • A quote from Steve Jobs about putting wonderful product out their to express your appreciation for humanity.


  • iPhone SE – 349 USD
  • iPhone 6S – 449 USD
  • iPhone 7 – 549 USD
  • iPhone 8 – 699 USD (2nd September)
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 799 USD (2nd September)
  • iPhone X – 999 USD (3rd November)
  • iOS 11 (19th September)
  • Apple TV – 179 USD (22nd September)
  • Apple Watch series 1
  • Apple Watch series 3 without cellular connectivity – 329 USD (22nd September)
  • Apple Watch series 3 with cellular connectivity – 399 USD (22nd September)

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