This week, the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea razor was launched in Malaysia, alongside an announcement of its first local brand ambassador; the Malaysian SEA Games artistic gymnastics gold medalist, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi.

It’s been designed with built-in moisture bars – you’re getting a smooth shave without the shaving cream. Rich body butters and a fresh tropical scent accompany the three curve-hugging blades and an ergonomic handle, made for a woman’s grip. You’re now going to get a close, comfortable shave on even the most sensitive skin, with a reduction in the risk that it’ll slip in the bath or shower.

“Gillette Venus understands the importance of feeling good in one’s own smooth skin. The upkeep of a woman’s grooming routine can oftentimes be a lengthy, painful and expensive process. Keeping that in mind, Gillette Venus’ specially designed range of products including the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea is the solution for today’s modern-day women to help them achieve smooth skin in a convenient, painless and affordable way,” said Utkarsh Mohan, Shavecare Category Leader, P&G Malaysia, Singapore, Global Development Markets Asia and Vietnam at the launch event.

During the launch, Gillette Venus addressed the several common myths about hair removal which women all over the world believe to be true with a panel discussion.

“Sometimes we receive beauty advice and tips from friends and family without knowing if there is any real truth behind it. It may not be easy to identify fact from fiction with so many different and contradicting beliefs about hair removal. Hence, Gillette Venus is here to educate women in Malaysia on the misconceptions associated with hair removal methods,” Mohan added.

“I don’t have to worry with Gillette Venus as its unique design ensures that the female razor is not harsh on the skin and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. To top it off, shaving is hassle free,” said Farah Ann. She mentioned that proper grooming is important as a national gymnast and she’s always followed a strict regime when it comes to skincare.

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Sharing her expertise on the topic, Dr. Yeow Hui Qian, aesthetic physician shared, “The majority of women have apprehensions with regards to shaving. They refrain from shaving as they believe that shaving will make their skin become darker or that their hair would grow faster and thicker. However, in reality hair growth is determined by one’s genetic and hormonal makeup.”

Grab your pick from the Gillette Venus range at all leading retailers in Malaysia.

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