Last year Malaysia was blessed with a healthy variety of stellar films that are properly recognised internationally and domestically. ‘Redha’ was selected for the 89th Academy Awards while Pekak is swimming in streams after being included in Netflix, and the list goes on. With the influx of quality films and its individual achievements, 2016 can be considered as a glorious year for the Malaysian film industry, with ‘alternative’ themed films conquering yet another term – sinking traditional movies off the bat.

Despite FINAS’ decision to not reveal the nominees beforehand (which was obviously, a political move), the awards had an interesting night. If you can look past and beyond the ridiculous Zizan Razak-Hans Isaac feud, most of us didn’t have much to complain on the winners of the night (unlike last year), spearheaded by ‘Adiwiraku’ for winning the film of the year title. Nam Ron played a hot-headed father in ‘Redha’ and deserved the Best Actor awards while Dain Said and Sangeetha Krishnasamy’s for Best Director and Best Actress were a no-brainer.

Harith Haziq won Best Child Actor for Redha.

Sangeetha Krishnasamy won Best Actress for Adiwiraku.


Here’s the full list of winners:

  1. Best Film: Adiwiraku
  2. Best Director: Dain Said for Interchange
  3. Best Actor: Nam Ron for Redha
  4. Best Actress: Sangeetha Krishnasamy for Adiwiraku
  5. Supporting Actor: Shaheizy Sam for Interchange
  6. Supporting Actress: Diana Danielle for Hanyut
  7. Most Promising Actor: John Tan for You Mean The World To Me
  8. Most Promising Actress: June Lojong for Redha
  9. Most Promising Director: Tunku Mona Riza for Redha
  10. Best Screenplay: Saw Teong Hin for You Mean The World To Me
  11. Best Original Story: Jason Chong for Adiwiraku
  12. Best Child Actor: Harith Haziq for Redha
  13. Best Cinematography: Jordan Chiam for Interchange
  14. Best Editor: Nazim Shah for J Revolusi
  15. Box Office Film: Abang Long Fadhil 2
  16. Karyawan Sepanjang Zaman: Dato’ Yusof Haslam
  17. Special Awards Jury 1: Desolasi
  18. Special Awards Jury 2: Shuttle Life
  19. Special Awards Jury 3: Pekak
  20. Best Music Score: Konn Wei Gee for You Mean The World To Me


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