By Jeremy Say

Today, we got word that Garena will be handing out partial scholarships worth a total of RM30,000 to the winning team of League of Legends players for the Malaysia Campus League (MYCL) tournament Season 2.

It’s a monumental step that Garena is taking, the first such move in Malaysia that promotes education while fostering gaming talent in the eSports scene. Having an eSports scholarship become reality proves like sports scholarships that kids are not always just playing a games/sports for fun. They acquire skills, communication and determination that shape them to be the best they can be. These partial scholarships are just the beginning and can change the scene dramatically for many students for which another path becomes open to them.

Jason Ng, Vice President of Garena, had this to say:

“We are deeply heartened to see the phenomenal growth of eSports in Malaysia in recent years, and the launch of Garena’s Malaysian Campus League Scholarship is the next step in our continued commitment to develop eSports talent here. By offering the very first eSports scholarship in Malaysia, we hope to foster a vibrant League of Legends campus ecosystem, while at the same time helping top players in schools pursue their passion in eSports.”

With teams across 2,000 campuses in Malaysia and representing over 14 states, this huge tournament started in July and goes on until September. The collegiate division champions will win RM2,500, a scholarship of RM6,000 per player and qualify to join the November League of Legends International Collegiate Championship in the Philippines.  

The MYCL 2016 Season 2 will have the state qualifiers on the 13th of August and there is still time to register. For more information and details please visit