By The Level

Unless you’ve decided to swear off Facebook recently, you’d probably seen your friends‘ posts about the famous Shah Alam durian cendol in Section 24 that has durian afficionados salivating at the alluring sight of sweet yellow durian flesh and milky cendol.

This particular Durian Cendol went viral on social media after posted about their experience with this truly Malaysian delicacy (Take that, Singapore). Soon after, Shah Alam people started hogging up the place, which has resulted in it also being nicknamed “Durian Cendol 1 Jam”.

The hype was too good for us to ignore, so we went down to Shah Alam again to see whether this Durian Cendol was as good as advertised- or it was going to be another dud. Shah Alam is famous for good food but unfortunately, our last trip to Shah Alam was pretty horrific due to the food that was served to us by Zawara – but we prayed hard that this will save Shah Alam’s name and reputation for amazing food (Ed Note: I really hope so, I’m moving to SA in a month). The Level drove to Medan Selera Section 24 to experience the thrill of the Section 24 Durian Cendol!


The parking spaces in front of the Medan Selera were very, very limited. Some people had to double park and that caused a minor congestion in the parking area. There are other parking spaces around the area, but as the area was quite dodgy and as you need to walk quite a distance to get to Medan Selera, this may be a problem to some patrons. We’re sure some of you won’t mind though.


One hour. That’s how long we had to wait for a bowl of Durian Cendol. One hour of an excruciatingly exhausting wait that’s almost similar to renewing your myKad at JPN. Another hour and Frank Ocean might even have released his long-awaited album. Patrons have to wait in line to just order what they desire from the menu, and wait another 15 minutes for the Cendol Durian to be served. Luckily the counter person was polite and accomodating.

Lazada Malaysia




Lazada Indonesia

As soon as you reach the counter, you’ll know exactly why the line is so long. We were spoilt for choice when we saw the items on the menu. Who would’ve thought putting cereal, jelly gummy, kit kat, lychee or even avocado in a bowl of cendol was a good idea? Well, this stall did – and we thought it was brilliant. What better way to celebrate diversity in a bowl, other than putting random edibles in a bowl? Somewhat overwhelmed by the choices at hand, we ordered Durian Cendol with Jelly Gummies.



We put our conventional taste aside by putting colored candy in our cendol as we ordered Durian Cendol with Jelly Gummies. The taste of this dish made us forget about the long line and the pushy aunties and uncles – because it was so good. The taste of the grass jelly was sharp and didn’t freeze solid inside the bowl.  The mix of the coconut milk and sugar was perfectly balanced and hits home like a smooth wave of calming calories –reminding you of the good old under-the-tree cendol days. The durian was majestic, nothing like what you get in the supermarket. It was soft, flavorful, tender, and with durian being the king of fruits and all, it didn’t lose its taste in the bowl of cendol.


The price is a bit expensive in our books. RM10 for a small bowl of Durian Cendol’s a bit excessive, no? However, the taste of the Durian Cendol justified the price so whatever complaints we had were drowned in a burp of durian scented breath.


In a nutshell, if you’re the adventurous type and don‘t mind waiting for an hour to get cendol, then the Section 24 Durian Cendol will be perfect for you. The location was strategic, not too far from civilisation (Its located just across Ole Ole Mall). The food is spectacular, and there are other food stalls selling Briyani, Tauhu Bakar, Tom Yam and others if you want something savoury to prep your tastebuds before your cendol. There’s even a gym upstairs if you feel guilty about all those calories you consumed- though we doubt anyone’s going to head upstairs after a stomachful of this anytime soon. We’d give it a solid 8.0/10: No questions asked, this is for the durian lovers, and maybe even for those who don’t love it just yet. Perfect for late nighters to lepak and come home with bloated tummy full of grass jelly and durian.

Durian Cendol Shah Alam is officially LEGIT, and gets a thumbs up from us.