by The Level

Last week’s Foodbusters piece received a lot of heat from both fans and haters of the infamous Grellas Wangsa Maju restaurant (even one of the top managers approached our commentors regarding the issue). However, we would like to remind readers again that we don’t have anything against owners of restaurants no matter what race, religion, or nationality. The objective of the Foodbusters section is deliver you the truth, and only the truth. We want restaurants and eateries to strive to be better and give consumers the best in terms of the quality of food, service, and pricing.

This week, the Foodbusters‘ team members were craving for chicken wings so we thought – why not review a place that specializes on chicken wings? Then we stumbled upon The Birdmen Co, which was rated 4.2/5 on Facebook with dozens of good testimonies and comments. Our grumbling tummies commanded us to drive to Subang to try out The Birdmen Co’s chicken wings.



We drove there around 3.30pm and found it quite easy to park our cars, right in front of the shop. It might be a bit difficult during lunch hours, as both The Birdmen Co and its neighbor, Salero Negori, a masakan padang-themed restaurant, pack out their houses during lunchtime.



We were greeted by a very friendly cashier who was patient enough to wait for one of the Foodbusters‘ indecisiveness when it comes to choosing her meal. She smiled all the way despite us taking our time with the menu (you can’t really blame us when there’s so many things to choose from). From this point out, we had a good feeling about The Birdmen Co and hoped the wings were just as good as everyone says.




Courtesy of Zomato, we got a copy of The Birdmen Co’s menu and as you can see, they have a selection of wings to choose from. However, this menu is only for Zomato’s delivery service. The real menu has an even wider selection of food and drinks to it, like the burgers and a selection of coffee. We were starving so we ordered a number of items in the menu: the Sample Platter – which consists of 6 different kinds of chicken wings, the Regular Fried, the Garlic Cheese pasta, and the Crispy Loaded Potato Skins.



Sample Platter

Sample platter

This is the Sample Platter. Oh man, look at that beauty! You can see that the individual sauces look thick, generous, and can make your mouth water in a single glance. By ordering this, you’ll get a piece of Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard, Original BBQ, Original Hot Sauce, Asian Sensation, and the Regular Fried. Looks can deceive, but nope, this definitely didn’t. We took quite some time to finish this box to digest how good each piece was. The flavors were so sharp that it forced us to enjoy every bite instead of finishing the whole box in a hurry. Be cautious though, as some of the pieces were hot and not suitable for the the faint hearted. Try if you dare!

Regular Fried

Regular Fried

First up from the selection regularly available is the Regular Fried. This one tasted good, but to be honest there’s nothing special about it. Its crispy, juicy, and saltiness are well balanced and it has everything fried chicken should have – but nothing to compare with the greatness of the fun box of flavor we just experienced. If you like fried chicken, then you will love this.

Potato Skins

To give our mouths a break from the intense sauces, we chowed down to this baby: the Crispy Loaded Potato Skins and again, we were mindblown with how good this dish was. The whole thing is an exceptional mess, an explosion in your mouth as you chew it. It almost felt like the potatoes were marinated in beef grease as it tasted succulent enough to make us fight for the last one. The portion was quite big for a starter, and its more than enough for one or two- depending on who’s doing the eating.

Garlic Cheese Pasta

The final dish of the day was the Garlic Cheese pasta.The pasta was fried with chives, garlic, parmesan, and chicken to produce that zesty taste at the end of every bite. Again, the flavors were sharp and memorable enough for us to plan a second personal visit to the restaurant. We felt the passion and love put into this particular dish, as it was as good as their iconic chicken wings.




Here’s how our bill looked like at the end of the day:

Sample Platter: RM15

Regular Fried: RM10

Garlic Cheese Pasta: RM12

Crispy Loaded Potato Skins: RM12

That’s a total of RM49 for two and I agree, it may come off as a bit expensive. However, the quality of the food, the service, the satisfaction of the whole experience brought the price some justice. When you weigh in all the good things (and the bad), RM50 for two doesn’t sound so bad after all. Not to mention how big the portions were!



By far, The Birdmen Co is the first restaurant to ever surprise us this way. It exceeded our expectations in every way: the taste, the portion, the presentation, and to top that off, the service was lovely enough to leave a positive mark in our fragile foodie hearts. We know this seems to be a bold statement, but The Birdmen Co might just served us some of the best chicken wings we’ve ever encountered so far. If you disagree, try this, and tell us if there’s something better that can beat the Sample Platter.

We’re giving The Birdmen Co an honest 8.5/10. The ratings portray how satisfied we were as first time customers at the Subang Jaya based restaurant. We hope they open up shop in Damansara (closer to office-lah!) and other places around Klang Valley.


Thanks for the memories, The Birdmen Co. You guys are LEGIT.