By A.Akbar

Grey clouds loom over Dirgahayu today as the math rock outfit announced that founding member Zulhezan has left the band.

It was only a couple of months ago that Dirgahayu received a formal invitation to play at the prestigious SXSW after playing at Sarawak’s mega rock festival, Rocktoberfest. The status of the show is currently still in limbo, and the band hasn’t released an official statement regarding their involvement.

However, Dirgahayu did confirm that they had to cancel their upcoming shows in Singapore and Kuching due to Zulhezan’s departure.

Lazada Malaysia

Zulhezan, formerly from the now-defunct Akta Angkasa, formed Dirgahayu in 2013 alongside Wan Azry and Afifi Rahim, and were later joined by Seikan Sawaki. However, Seikan left for Japan, causing Zulhezan shift from guitar back to drums, until Jimmy of OhChentaku filled in that role for a couple of months before reverting the drum seat back to Zul.

Lazada Indonesia

Hope to see you on stage again, Zul!