Nestled away on the 51st floor of the towering The Face Suites in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is Deep Blue, a brand new nightclub looking to break the nadir surrounding the clubbing scene lately. The Face Suites itself is a modern vision of a hotel – steel and glass complementing the elegant design, and as you emerge from the high speed elevator – 51 floors felt like a breeze, but do watch out for that ear pop – the entrance of Deep Blue immediately stands out, like a outgrowth of organic metal surrounding the doorway.

Stepping into the establishment, however, is like taking a step into the future. A mecha-inspired DJ booth hangs over the main dance floor, blue, indigo, and purple lights race through the hexagonal installations on the ceiling. Steel decor speaks of a renovation worth millions, and the futuristic theme of the club is apparent to all sitting in soaking in the magnificent view of the KL city skyline – complete with a view of the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers, of course.

The view of KL Tower from Deep Blue alone is worth the price of admission, in all honesty. At the 51st floor, as you walk out down the elaborate staircase and towards the pool adjoining the nightclub, you’re greeted with an eye level view of the KL Tower in all it’s glory, pulsating gently in the night. This view is guaranteed to be one of the biggest draws of Deep Blue, and makes for the setting of a romantic rendezvous just as much as it could frame a night out on the town. The windows inside the nightclub understand the blessing of the view available, and so go wall to wall, making the view and atmosphere combined seem like you’re in a nightclub straight out of Blade Runner.

Back on the inside, we roamed the upper deck of Deep Blue, which sports its own bar, and of course, private VIP rooms for those who’d rather have a  little separation from the mill when they’re off the dance floor. Fitted with comfortable yet stylish decor, the VIP rooms offer friends a chance to catch their breath or get their engines started without feeling the need to get into the mood right away, and with the wide selection of drinks available – we personally are fans of the house mojito and their Hennessy on the rocks – any night would be complete.

Lazada Malaysia

Exiting the glamorous establishment and taking the elevator down felt a little like heading off into another world. High up in the KL city skyline, Deep Blue is like a little slice of the future in and of itself, and we can’t wait to go back to the future.

Lazada Indonesia

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