Ever thought about how lucky we are to enjoy Internet connectivity and all the perks that come along with it like gaming or social media?

One thing is for sure, we live in golden age of information and entertainment, but also one of immense wealth inequality. The divide between have and have-not is sometimes very wide, and it is important that as the more fortunate, we give back in whatever ways we can.

Aware & Care Together, or ACT, is a charity event catering to hobbyists, cosplayers, gamers, artists, and singers with a mission to raise awareness of just how fortunate we are to enjoy the benefits of the digital age like WiFi, and to not ignore those less fortunate in our society. The event, which takes place at Cheras Sentral this 25th June, has prepared plenty of activities for the community, including a singing contest, a cosplay contest, an auction, and even a to-be-confirmed lightsaber making workshop with Force Art Stunt Team’s Vincent Wong.

ACT will be integrating ways to give back to charity in their cosplay and singing competitions, and via donation boxes, auctions, sponsorship by companies and individuals, and an entree fee based on personal donation with no fixed amount.

The team behind ACT aims to raise RM5000 for charity. For more updates, keep checking The Level and visit ACT’s official website here!