by A.Akbar

DCEU’s latest blockbuster Justice League received mixed reviews in the past few weeks. Hardcore fans said that it’s the movie that they’ve been waiting for, though some pointed fingers on the developers for cutting out Snyder’s vision, but overall, Justice League’s CGI, storyline, and screenplay just aren’t up to par. But above all that, there was one thing that Justice League got right.

In the trailer, Warner Bros featured a heavy cover of The Beatles’ iconic hit song, ‘Come Together’, performed by Gary Clark Jr. The Texas-based singer is popular for playing blues, R&B, and a bit of rock’n roll. His song ‘Bright Lights’ lifted the singer’s career to greater heights as Gary is on his way to becoming a blues legend.

Gary Clark Jr, who has played alongside the likes of B.B King, ZZ Top, and John Mayer, tried a different angle for his ‘Come Together’ cover. His rendition of the song is definitely heavier, and compliments the superhero scenes quite well. If you watch the music video before the movie, you would actually be hyped for the movie.

Check out the song below:

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