By Yue Lynn, Hannah Azlan, Yasmin Newman & Jeremy Say –

We are back with our Grinding For Gear column! It’s October and what does this mean? Beer and Halloween! But to keep everyone SFW (sober for work) and on their toes, we will instead be focusing on trick-or-treating some stuff for our Halloweenie celebration.

Remember, stare thirstily, spend wisely.

Catch our last episode here, it contains a bunch of comics staring female leads that could kick anyone’s ass.


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Note: “Purchases of figma Hunter from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Messengers as a bonus!”


Jeremy: Yue Lynn has been trying to buy this since she found out about it a while ago. Then the infection of fandom spread when my editor Scott found out and #FANBOYING #FANBOYING #FANBOYING

Hannah: I think Bloodborne is a great game. I also find it incredibly frustrating. While I’m not #FANGIRLING like the other two, this aesthetic is A+

Yasmin: …I don’t play Bloodborne. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW! I’ve been missing out but I’ve been meaning to try it out.


Photo Credit: KotoUS

Yue Lynn: Pretty deadly and pretty scary 😉

Jeremy: So now we have an anime bishoujo Johnny Depp, great! Now to go gouge my eyes out. Thank you Yue Lynn!

Hannah: #NOTMYEDWARDSCISSORHANDS – no. As a former goth kid, this is borderline repulsive.

Yasmin: Okay I loved Johnny Depp in the movie but…WHY. This doesn’t look scary at all just reallly realllllyyy sad.


Photo Credit: teeturtle

Jeremy: Nothing says Halloween like three adorable black cats and some pumpkins making faces. Also I should mention that the shirt is as black like our souls, with just a touch of cuteness.

Yue Lynn: The cuteness warms my lil’ heart. Almost.

Hannah: Can I buy multiples of this? I’ll probably happily wear this to work. (Also, I don’t have a soul).

Jeremy: We all have a soul Hannah, you just chose to bury yours 6 feet under.

Yasmin: OMG! These are SO cute! I’d definitely wear that to work too!


Photo Credit: GoblinDreams on Etsy

Jeremy: The Necronomicon is an essential must have item for any necromancer or cultist. Now to find a way to get my hands on a boomstick and chainsaw.

Yue Lynn: I was expecting something more than just a prop…

Hannah: Wait, it doesn’t come with the spells? That’s why we have Google, I guess. I need to figure out who I want to summon now.

Yasmin: I horde “pretty” books because they’re too pretty to write it…..and this would be one of them. Is it just me?


Photo Credit: GE Animation on Amazon

Yasmin: This seems to be a best seller! Only 1 left in stock~ What’s great about this it that you can order it by Friday the 13th. Attack on Titan also has special Halloween edition weapons, go check it out!

Hannah: I’ve never been a huge Attack on Titan fan, but this is pretty cool.

Yue Lynn: Cute-ish but not scary enough heehee.

Jeremy: Looks decent enough, still not a fan of the over-hyped Attack on Titan.


Yasmin: This website sells alllll the goods, and they’re all halloween themes! Get posters, badges, cards, stickers and other trinkets~ I love halloween 🙂

Jeremy: I have never been able to sink my teeth on this series. Neither the anime or manga  appealed to me and I rather spend my time rereading Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners series.

Hannah: I still don’t understand BNHA because the only thing I see on my Twitter TL is “TODODEKU” etc. That being said, okay guys. Go crazy.

Yue Lynn: I’m not familiar with this series but I would say they are definitely pleasing to  the eyes .

Pop! Disney: Kingdom Hearts Figurine – Shadow Heartless #335

Photo Credit: Funko

Hannah: Spooky. I want it. Sadly, they aren’t the Halloween Town skins, but a miniature Heartless might be just the thing to warm (the remnants of) your cold, black heart this All Hallow’s Eve.

Jeremy: It’s Funko and it’s Kingdom Hearts, just add it to the collection.

Yue Lynn: ~Ooooooh~

Yasmin: I love everything Funko POP!!!!! Thanks Hannah…I’ll probably be broke soon enough.

Hot Topic Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Cosplay Hoodie

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Hannah: It’s never too late to dress up. Although there’s a way more understated version on the site, this one goes all out and gives you some of that Ken Kaneki goodness. Just don’t get eaten by The Gourmet.

Yue Lynn: Hot Topic alwaaaaays have great-lookin’ geeky clothes! Jelly.

Jeremy: Great easy cosplay with a still functional hoodie. The model also looks dead inside, which I guess is the point.

Yasmin: I agree with Jeremy on this one, I love its simplicity but it makes you look dead inside.



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