By A.Akbar

Whether you like visiting your local bazaar Ramadhan or not, no one can deny the importance of it during the holy month of Ramadhan, where people regardless of race and religion would come down and walk along the lanes to look for iftar-appropriate cuisines. The bazaar is akin to a collective foodie gathering – dishes scattered from across the country, with more focus on local food.

However yesterday, a video recorded using a smartphone showed a couple of girls being assaulted at a bazaar Ramadhan yesterday. The clip instantly went viral on Facebook and led many to speculate on the details of the incident.

It was reported that the girls were waiting for a car to come out of its parking spot in order to secure it. Just before they got the chance to drive in, another car quickly steered into the spot and stole the lot. One of the girls (the driver) proceeded to honk at them to tell them that they were already waiting to park their car at the newly-empty spot, but her actions backfired as the couple showed them vulgar gestures and began throwing footwear at their car.

The video has garnered a huge amount of racially insensitive hate comments, even when it’s clear that the situation wasn’t related to racism in any way (unless proven otherwise).

What do you think of the situation?

Lazada Malaysia