By Yue Lynn, Yasmin Newman, Hannah Azlan, Jeremy Say

Welcome back to our Grinding For Gear column! This week, we are jumping into the world of comic books, more specifically, stories with leading ladies. Instead of focusing on famous heroines such as Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Catwoman and etc., we are shining the spotlight on some underrated but totally bada** ladies who are awesome AF in their own right.

Remember, read thirstily, spend wisely.

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Yue Lynn: “Whoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” To cut a draggy story short, Jane Foster is worthy!

Yasmin: The Mighty Jane Foster Struggling with her own cancer while saving people as a thunder god?

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Hannah: Thor’s never quite made the cut for me, but this one? Totally. Pick it up, okay?

Jeremy: While still waiting for Thor: Ragnarok, this seems like an awesome read. Then again I was not too fond of the original Thor comics, so having a different perspective (or any word that is woman worthy) soon is nice.


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Yue Lynn: In this particular corner of DC’s universe, you can find a lot of ‘bad girls’ and motorcycles. Proceed with caution.

Yasmin: I definitely agree! Biker chick Kara Gordon is not one to be messed with.

Hannah: I’m biased. I love most of the Gotham girls, so this universe makes me ridiculously happy.

Jeremy: A dystopian society run by Lex? What we have here is Marvel meets Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

EXTREMITY (Image Comics)

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Yue Lynn: I will be very direct about this one. I LOVE THIS SERIES. It’s one my favourite comics around and Daniel Warren Johnson (Extremity’s creator) knocks it out of the park with this gem.

Yasmin: I have heard of this before! This seems like an awesome series! Studio Ghibli meets the intensity of Mad Max? Count me in!!

Hannah: I might have to go pick this up, thanks Yue Lynn. I’m watching my paycheck dwindle.

Jeremy: Girls, I’m sensing another theme here…


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Yue Lynn: This series had me at “teen girl vigilante fight club”.

Yasmin: A vigilante girl squad disguised as a club?? Better watch out, you never know what they’re up too..

Hannah: Rule number one of fight club is ‘don’t talk about fight club’, but this has some of my favorite tropes in it.

Jeremy: It seems all too cutesy for my taste in comics, but do give it a try. I don’t think the girls will stay cute and nice for the readers for long.


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Yue Lynn: It’s a roller derby comic. Hence, the title.

Yasmin: I actually love Roller Derbie! Hope these girls don’t get too dramatic over being split into different teams. It’s only a harmless-ish sport!

Hannah: Roller derby can get pretty vicious, so hey…take a look, be inspired, don’t beat people up at the Subang Parade roller rink.

Jeremy: I’m more worried that Hannah would take an inspirational cue and beat someone up at a roller rink.

AMERICA (Marvel)

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Yue Lynn: America (the character, not the country) has no time for jerks and is capable of punching the stars outta you.

Yasmin: Preeminent butt-kicker of the Marvel Universe goes to college? That’s definitely a sight to see. Wonder what she’ll discover about herself! Can’t wait to read it!

Hannah: College meets superheroine. What a combo…what a great combo!

Jeremy: America Chavez has no time for your shit. She is Marvel’s first female, Latino and queer character to have a solo series and she punched Hitler. Did we talk about the fact that she can punch and kick a hole to another dimension?

HAWKEYE (Marvel)

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Yue Lynn: Kate Bishop may not be the best PI around but she’s a likable Hawkeye in this charming series.

Yasmin: Oohh, They throw a lot of shade to the male Hawkeye! Bullseye!

Hannah: I’m here for the shade, thanks.

Jeremy: RIP male Hawkeye, you were always a throwaway character.

HEATHEN (Vault Comics)

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Yue Lynn: Once upon a time, Heathen was initially a small Kickstarter project but it was so good, it got picked up by a publisher. ‘Till now, it’s still a hit!

Yasmin: Talk about Girl Power! This really amplifies the whole women oppression dystopia. Glad it got picked up by that publisher!

Hannah: I’m all about that dystopian fiction, so this makes me happy. Adding to cart, thanks!

Jeremy: Is it just me or do the females I work with in the office love dystopian stuff? Now to wait for the office to turn into a warzone.

Monstress (Image Comics)

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Yasmin: I’m really intrigued to read this comic, because there are a variety of women that has myriad differences!

Hannah: Just the description and I’m already hooked. More things to add to my shopping cart.

Yue Lynn: Monstress has been a staple in many “Best Of-” lists so no brainer to include this one on our list too!

Jeremy: Kaiju and a steampunk world, yes please! This also has the feel and pace of a good novella that many comic books lack.

Gotham City Sirens (DC Comics)

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Yasmin: Another Gotham city take on woman power! I love this villainess perspective as DC super villains Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn band together to protect themselves from the one and only- Batman!

Hannah: YES. Ultimate OT3. Ultimate favorite team up with my favorite characters. Also, I ship Ivy x Harley way harder than Joker x Harley any day.

Yue Lynn: What Hannah said…  😉

Jeremy: I would be more surprised if this didn’t make the list knowing you three. However, I think that City Sirens are not to be considered an underrated or underappreciated series. So does this belong on THIS list?