By Shazwan Zulkiffli


Not everyone’s a fan of the American adaptation of Koji Suzuki’s Ring. Still, the film achieved major success in the USA, with the adaptation being one of the first of its kind. But of course, that was before people realised that the Japanese version was better and felt much more authentic. Japanese version aside, Gore Verbinski’s take on the film did manage to give us the chills, and deserves to breed a couple of sequels…I think.

We might not get an-always-running-and-screaming Naomi Watts this time, but at least Jurassic Park’s Vincent D’Onoforio, Shameless’ Laura Wiggins and Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki will be the ones running away from Samara and her unattractive line of futuristic televisions, and this time, Sheldon isn’t going to sit in his spot for the show.


The Space Between Us

Asa Butterfield was first picked up by film extraordinaire Martin Scorsese for his film, “Hugo”. Although the film didn’t perform well at the box office, Asa was already a name on people’s lips as he secured the lead role in big budget film “Ender’s Game”, which turned out to be a flop. His name made headlines again when he was shortlisted to take on the role the web-slinging superhero Spiderman, but unfortunately Tom Holland was the better candidate. Frustrations after frustrations, the young and inspiring Asa is giving Hollywood another try in “The Space Between Us”, where he can finally be out of this world, literally.

The Space Between Us is a movie about a boy who was born on Mars and has never been to Earth. He meets a girl online, and like any other lonely persona, falls in love with her and wants to meet her in person on Earth. This may not be critically brilliant, but at least you have something to watch if your girlfriend ever accuse you of being unromantic – it’s borderline cheesy but made tolerable with a fresh concept.


John Wick 2

Just when you thought that the days of solo action movies who were made popular by the likes of Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage and Jean Claude Van Damme are over, John Wick appeared out of nowhere to remind people that the essence of Hollywood masculinity is still, well, going strong. To be frank, John Wick isn’t an attractive choice for a movie night out if you judge it by its name, but unexpectedly, the first movie won over action movie fans and critics, convincing the developers to produce a sequel.

John Wick 2 will be bringing Keanu Reeves to Rome to finish his job, or as Wick puts it, ‘work on his retirement’. The studio completes John Wick’s action movie status by bringing in a badass female lead – Ruby Rose, who will be playing Ares in the film. John Wick fans also got a surprise when Laurence Fishburne appeared in the trailer as someone John once knew. This one looks like a no-brainer watch – plus, who doesn’t want to watch Hollywood’s biggest sulker go on a shooting spree after his dog died in the first installment?



The Lego Batman Movie

Admit it, no one expected The Lego Movie to be as good as it was. The film was witty, well-scripted and full of cameos. They even played with the God argument, with Will Ferrell being portrayed as ‘The Man Upstairs’ – a brilliant touch if you ask me. This year, Warner Bros and LEGO decided to bring back the annoying-but-badass LEGO Batman character from the movie and give him his own solid spin-off.

Like The Lego Movie, this one is a tough nut to crack as it can be a quality LEGO spin-off, or crash and burn like other animation sequels or spin-offs. Let’s just hope no Marthas will be mentioned in the film, especially by the villain.


A Cure For Wellness

When we all thought that Harry Osborn was the perfect character for Dane DeHaan – the movie, heck, the whole trilogy flopped and was eventually cancelled by Sony. DeHaan’s career so far is made up of average or better than usual performances that include his role as a young James Dean in LIFE, Andrew Detmer in Chronicles and Baby Jason in The Place Beyond the Pines – but A Cure For Wellness might change that.

A Cure For Wellness looks like a psychological thriller fit for someone like Dane DeHaan. The grim emo-boy look, panda-eyes, and coming of age voice is perfect for a role in a film as intense and aggressively melancholic as A Cure For Wellness. Based on the trailer, the cinematography looks beautiful, but it’s difficult to truly predict whether the film will really take off with audiences, or be another oversaturated and overambitious mix of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s rejected ideas. Yes, we get it, he looks like the guy version of Cara Delevigne, but at least he’s got some kind of talent worth acknowledging.