by Shazwan Zulkiffli

This might come by as a surprise, but Red Films’ crown jewel of a series, Gol & Gincu, will make its way back to our screens, one way or another.

The news came out after a casting call poster for Gol & Gincu 2 was uploaded on Twitter, calling for new faces of ‘all shapes and sizes’ by Red Films themselves.

Gol & Gincu is an iconic movie turned series by Bernice Chauly featuring the biggest stars you know today: Fazura, Sharifah Amani, Sazzy Falak, and Pierre Andre. Decorated with an official soundtrack by Ella, a second installment means a much more social-media friendly approach will be used, including getting a younger crop of actors with cameos from the original series.

Will the likes of Yuna Rahim take the lead role? Who do you reckon will compose the official soundtrack? Write your comments down below:

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