Need a connection? Grab Southeast Asia has partnered up with Tinder to bring you a ride you’ll never forget – and they mean it. Would you like to spend a day with one of your favorite internet personalities?

If you book a ride via the Grab x Tinder “Meet your Match” icon in the Grab app, you might be in for a pleasant surprise – you could be sharing a free ride with one of TInder’s Top 10 Personalities. Wondering who they are? We have details.

Whether it’s Jinnyboy, Jazel Lim, Dennis Yin or Sarah Lian, you need to keep an eye out tomorrow for special content on the Grab or Tinder app.  


Here’s how it works – on 24th March (that’s tomorrow!), the “Meet your Match” activation will have Tinder’s Top 10 Personalities chilling in a GrabCar vehicle each and picking up passengers beginning from 9am to 5pm. Treat it like a date – get to know them while the Grabcar does the work of sending you to your destination.

Each celebrity will select the passenger they clicked with the most and get this – Tinder will pay for an all-expenses paid day out. The activity depends on the celebrity and passenger involved, so you could head out cafe-hopping or maybe, bungee jumping off a cliff – so it’s time for you to turn the charm on. Note: the rides will be filmed, and the most interesting and fun moments will be captured on video and shared on the Grab Facebook page from the 5th of April.

This is Tinder’s first partnership in Southeast Asia, and they’re putting the spotlight on Grab’s services and reputation for delivering safe rides – everyone can enjoy a safe online and offline environment for making new connections in the same city.

“Grab is a brand that delivers more than just rides and is all for creating memorable experiences for our passengers,” said Cheryl Goh, Grab’s Vice President for Marketing.

“Tinder is a platform for meeting new people,” said David Wyler, VP of Global Partnerships at Tinder. “Our simple user interface makes it easy to meet people anywhere. We wanted to provide an opportunity for our users to connect with some of their favourite social media stars and still get to their next meeting on time. Grab is the perfect partner to make this happen.”

“Meet your Match” is rolling out in five markets – Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia – in three phases starting today. For more information, please visit