A custom-built tablet for seniors is the latest product to be announced by grandPad ®. Produced by Acer Inc., the senior-friendly tablet integrates a wealth of new features to improve the overall user experience.

The all-new design sees Acer expand upon previous features that were uniquely set for senior usability. With clear instructions and a senior-friendly interface, the tablet now contains a built-in customer support service linked to highly-trained live operators. The new key features also include:

  • High-quality, dual front-facing speakers that make it easier to hear loved ones speak during video calls,
  • A 10% larger holding area on the edges of the tablet,
  • An increase in screen brightness and pixel density that give the user a brighter screen,
  • A Qi wireless charging dock, making charging simple, removing the need for cords and plugs,
  • Custom built case for protection,
  • A 5-megapixel camera on both the front and rear face of the grandPad, making photo taking and video sharing intuitive,
  • A new flashlight and magnifying glass application that utilize the flash on the rear camera

The grandPad also includes built in LTE connectivity that facilitates voice and video messaging. With a touch of a single icon, users can start a call that connects them with loved ones.

CEO of grandPad®, Scott Lien was quoted as saying “grandPad® and Acer are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality of service to our members”. He added that the new senior-friendly tablet has been built from scratch, enabling the company to further improve their service to seniors and their families.

The new grandPad will be available in Q1 of 2017.


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