We are back with more goodies!

By Yue Lynn, Yasmin Newman and Jeremy Say

Welcome back to “Grinding For Gear”! We are now in our Season 2, so to avoid the whole “Sophomore Slump” situation, we have employ a Support card on our deck to ‘magic’ anything shady away. Jinxes, hexes and potions aside, we will be filling this column with cool geek-related gears for you to grind and throw credits at. Remember, stare thirstily, spend wisely. 

★Sukeban★ Limited Edition Print

Photo Credit: easydemonsclub.com

Yue Lynn: This is merely one of the few fantastic prints EASY DEMONS CLUB® have in their den. Equal parts dope, equal parts awesome. An eye candy on the wall, indeed.

Jeremy: Japan inspired art with a flair of skulls and demons, count me in!

Yasmin: Although I’ve never seen Sukeban, the poster design looks awesome! Looks like a great buy for those into Japanese art and culture!

The Mickey 100 Project T-Shirt

Photo Credit: uniqlo.com

Yue Lynn: This pizza doesn’t have any pineapples on it. Will some folks get triggered by this?

Jeremy: Pineapples don’t deserve to be on pizza.

Yasmin: I can’t say anything good about pineapple pizza, but this t-shirt has pepperoni pizza in the shape of Mickey Mouse! I’m game!

Yuri!!! on Ice Victor Nikiforov ARTFX J Statue

Photo Credit: Kotobukiya’s Facebook page

Yue Lynn: This is one good-looking statue and it will probably be included in many anime fans’ ‘To Buy’ lists. Kotobukiya sure knows how to deliver.

Jeremy: Got no complaints about Kotobukiya products, though I’ve never watched Yuri on Ice so not much for me to see here. At the very least it looks like quality work.

Yasmin: VICTOR NIKIFOROV!!! This collectors item is definitely a buy to make girls swoon. A customizable figurine that allows you to add you own touch is a MUST add to the fan to–buy list. Make sure to buy it! Limited edition only!

Mirror: The Mountain (Trade Paperback)

Photo Credit: imagecomics.com

Yue Lynn: The artist for this series, Hwei Lim, is a Malaysian and her artwork is softly gorgeous. And that’s all I have to say…

Jeremy: The description of mage-scientists and sentient animals is all that was needed to convince me.

Yasmin: Stunning piece! It looks like digital watercolor. I support our local artists and it has convinced me to give it a read.

McDonald’s Adventure Time Toys

Photo Credit: McDonalds’ Facebook page

Yue Lynn: I’ve already gone on a Happy Meal adventure and got myself one of the toys. Guess which toy. Virtual Healing Cookies will be given for the correct answer!

Jeremy: As a fan of Adventure Time, yes, yes, yes,yes, yes. Love BMO.

Yasmin: Adventure Time is one of my all time favourite cartoons! I must get Lady Rainicorn and Jake! OTP <3

Pop Vinyl Figures

Photo credit: funko.com

Yasmin: Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan, or a Star Wars fan or an Avengers fan, you’re going to love pop vinyls! Take a look at Dany Targaryen! These collectibles are great for room décor, and you can pick and choose which characters make your shelf…well…POP!

Yue Lynn: Khaleesi FTW because that Snow guy still knows nothing.

Jeremy: As someone born in the Year of the Dragon, I’m already completely bias towards anything dragon.

Gundam Sinanju (Titanium Finish)

Photo credit: Gundam Toy Shop

Yasmin: This Gundam is definitely a step up from its original predecessor due to its Titanium colour from its TV series! Additionally, I think this gives it more value due to its updated weapon.

Yue Lynn: It looks real goodie while some fans’ pocket will be poordie.


So did see anything you like? What would you buy? Leave a comment down below and shared this to your non-impulsive geek friend. As for our last Grinding for Gear, click here.


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