By Magdelena Long

We are back again in our Grinding for Gear episode! Now that Deadpool 2 is out in the cinema, why not we pick 5 crazy Deadpool merchandises? This must be fun, since it’s Deadpool! Be prepared to see us go wild!

Lady Deadpool Bishoujo Statue Doll Action Figure

Mag: This one is twisted af! Plus points for it being very well made!

Ain: Reminds me of Sailor Moon. Weird, I know.

Faris: Sexy! Could make a nice table decoration.

Lazada Malaysia

Jeremy: Well wouldn’t be called Bishoujo if it was modeled after her original first appearance.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2 Jacket

Lazada Indonesia

Jeremy: Wearing a leather jacket in the Malaysian heat will make you sweat till you shrivel up and look like Wade Wilson, though I guess you will look the part in this awesome jacket.

Faris: Stylish as hell. I can imagine myself riding a bike while donning this jacket!

Ain: This looks so good, I think I’ll buy a motorcycle after this. 

Mag: This screams BADASS all over! I don’t care how hot the weather in Malaysia is, as long as the jacket makes me look cool! 10/10 (no IGN memes please)!

Deadpool Multipocket Travel Toiletry Bag

Ain: I love this one. Convenient, with lots of compartments.

Jeremy: I believe Ain has something for bags. Wonder if you could fit Deadpool in the bag.

Mag: A bag for bathroom things? I hope Deadpool won’t come and take a peek while I shower.

Faris: Going into the bathroom… With style!

Deadpool Dual Ninja Swords

Faris: You can trim your hedge using these swords and pretending you’re Deadpool slicing some bad guys.

Mag: This one is a must have! Why must payday be at the end of the month? *cries*

Jeremy: Time to check the local law on “decorative” swords.

Ain: This is another level of extra.

Deadpool Molded Head Mug

Mag: Haha! Imagine drinking air sirap with this mug. It will look like you are drinking straight from Deadpool’s head! Brainz!

Ain: This is gorey. I like it.

Faris: Who knows maybe you’ll possess Deadpool’s power when you drink from this mug.

Jeremy: Wonder what breaking the 4th wall would be like IRL.

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By Magdelena Long We are back again in our Grinding for Gear episode! Now that Deadpool 2 is out in the cinema, why not we pick 5 crazy Deadpool merchandises? This must be fun, since it’s Deadpool! Be prepared to see us go wild! Lady Deadpool Bishoujo...


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