RIOT !!! Malaysia Sneakers Scene Today??? Pukul Curi??? Need Name. .

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3 days ago on the 11th of November, came the news that Adidas were dropping the Pharrell Williams Hu NMD “Trail Holi”, at selected Adidas Originals Retailers. It’s not an uncommon sight to see lines days before in anticipation of such a coveted collection, so naturally, people queued up for it, some a day before in order to be able to get a pair of one of this year’s hotly anticipated releases.

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As with all limited releases, Adidas Originals KLCC practised a first come first serve model, as to ensure fairness to everyone, but problems started to arise when some of the line-dwellers decided to come up with an unofficial name list in order to keep track of everyone’s position.

That triggered the fight, when a guy in a Palace t-shirt called him (the listmaker) out on unfair play, and subsequently got punched for it. Luckily, the crowd managed to break up the fight (at least until the end of the Instagram video) as the attacker tried to cut the queue.

Netizens spoke out their mind, calling the incident disgraceful and an embarrassment to the sneaker community. This action raises the question: is it really worth getting all aggressive and assaulting an innocent person just to get a pair of shoes? Come on guys, we’re better than this. I get the hype behind it, but honestly, no sneaker is worth getting into fights for, much less for physical assault. At the end of the day, it’s just a shoe, and it’s not like Adidas aren’t coming out with new collaborations anymore after this collection.

However, not all of the blame can be placed onto the perpetrators, because it is also partly Adidas’s fault for not providing proper management when it comes to limited releases and such. Cases like this have happened multiple times previously, one notable one being the Yeezy 350 v2 raffle in Pavilion, causing the mall’s glass facade to shatter when the fight got a bit too intense.

Adidas should know the magnitude and lengths that these people go to to purchase something valuable, and yet they do not provide enough manpower, nor develop a proper system to contain the crowd during the lineup, resulting in unofficial name lists, and an unfair advantage to the strong-armers who bully the others.

It’s a two-way street, and Adidas Malaysia should’ve known better on how to handle situations where emotions are riding high and the trigger is light, but instead, their refusal to take any appropriate action only serves to breed an unhealthy culture amongst the collectors here.

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