by Anis Khalila

Just a week ago, squiggly lips became a thing overnight. It seems like every time we head to Instagram and Twitter, there will at least be one new bizarre trend to gawk at and it will most likely catch the attention everyone’s attention – whether it’s good or bad.

Today, a new trend unveiled itself to the public and the uniqueness of it has everyone losing hair over it. Tastemakers call it ‘Hairy Selfie Nail Art’ and the reason why it is given that name because the artist itself was inspired by her own selfie (?). She even inserted a hairy touch on it to make the selfie look real!

This particular piece of nail art was introduced by a famous visual artist from Korea who goes with the name Dain Yoon. With 198k followers on Instagram, it’s not surprising that this trend went viral in just a couple of hours.

Lazada Malaysia

Do check out her Instagram to see more of her unique artworks:

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