Adidas launch the Prost just in time for Oktoberfest

You wouldn’t normally associate alcohol with shoes, but in conjunction with Germany’s annual Oktoberfest, Adidas have released a pair just for the occasion.

Inspiration is taken from traditional Bavarian wear, clad in high quality brown leather and the best part is, they’re specifically made to be beer and vomit proof. You know, just in case the beer shower from all the clinking lands on your precious kicks or if someone decides to let go of the contents of their stomach on your feet. Best be prepared for situations like that.

In the case of Malaysia however, it’s safe to say they’re the first ever halal pair of shoes because Satan’s piss can’t ever touch your heat. Or any other liquid for that matter. The shoes are now on sale overseas in Germany for a cool 200 Euros – which comes pretty close to RM1000. They’re available in limited quantities however, so count your lucky stars if you can ever land one on retail.