So, once in awhile I try or haul new products that I feel like I should talk about. As the resident beauty person here, I guess it’s up to me to test things because there’s probably no way I’m getting any of the guys in the office to go home and try out a sheet mask. Let me tell you about the best products I’ve tried this week:

Maybelline 36HR Lasting Gel Liner


As much as I love my liquid liners, there are some days where I can’t be f—ked to keep my hand steady enough to draw a precise cat eye. That’s where gel liners came in. I’ve tried some expensive ones but this drugstore favorite wins for being affordable and effective. It even comes with a brush, so for under RM40 – it’s amazing, and consistently on sale. Given that I use eyeliner like water, this recession-ista has to save that cha-ching for Sephora hauls.

COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask


Malaysian weather doesn’t really do me any favors, between drying out my skin and also leaving it an impossible oil slick. Admittedly, I’ve been a bad beauty person because the humidity leaves me feeling lazy. Even though I skip steps in my routine, I consistently do two things: remove my makeup and apply this mask. It works to seal in moisture so my 16-degree air-conditioning doesn’t dry my skin out completely. I love it.  I wonder if the Honey mask works just as well.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution


Okay, apparently this is a pre-serum but I usually use about three serums so whatever. I’ve been (semi) consistently using this twice a day and I’ve actually seen a difference in my skin over the last couple of months. The blemishes fade faster and appear less. This is amazing. The hefty price tag is worth it since it’s been about 6 months and I’m only halfway through the bottle. Only downside? It’s not travel-friendly: it’s a glass bottle with a dropper.

COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid


AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) sounds kind of intimidating because acid + face = ??? Chemical exfoliation can be more effective than physical exfoliation though, without causing micro lesions. AHAs are water-soluble, so it’s good for reducing the size of those ugly whiteheads that pop up occasionally and improving my sleep-deprived skin texture. This one is pretty gentle and its main ingredient is malic acid (apples), the short ingredient list assures me that there’s nothing weird in my face sh-t.

Colourpop x KaePop Super Shock Cheek in Flush’d

credit: Temptalia

credit: Temptalia

I’ve recently discovered cream blushes and this shade (discontinued, I’m so sorry) is perfect. The peachy-coral shade looks natural on my skintone and applies like a dream. I’m not one for bright blushes (or blush in general) but this helps me look more like someone who isn’t perpetually nocturnal.


  •      Do you like cream blushes?
  •      Do you have any skincare items you swear by?

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