By A.Akbar

The Good:

Mulia by Shuuna

Shuuna made their name last year with a powerful record following the release of ‘Terang Bintang, Terang Bulan’. This year, Moja and Shuhusna worked up a special anthem just for the Aidlifitri festivities and frankly, it’s probably the only one to come out this year that is decent enough for the road back home.

Syawal Kali Ini by Fattah Amin

Lazada Malaysia

If you can push aside the blatant product placement and the Supreme-wearing Makcik, this track is not bad. It may not be Sudirman, or P. Ramlee, but it at least has the melancholic raya vibe that we all grew up with – at least lah. Not to mention that the song production quality is the best this year.

Lazada Indonesia

The Okay-Lah:

Kemaafan di Hari Raya by Floor 88

We have nothing against Floor 88 and in fact together with Shuuna, they might be the only true musicians on the list. But unfortunately, other than their song, ‘Original Sabahan’, none of their other hits sound original, I mean even that song sounded a bit too much like Jimmy Palikat’s iconic hit, ‘Anak Kampung’ – and ‘Kemaafan di Hari Raya’ is included in that batch of songs. Maaf ya Floor 88.

Seloka Hari Raya by As’ad Motawh ft Sweetqismina

As’ad Motawh’s name echoes through Nusantara as the singer who is popular in  some parts of SEA. Some dubbed him as Asia’s Zayn Malik, As’ad Motawh is known for his cheeky smirks and teen boy-band level vocals that can sway high school girls/college girls in an instant. This version of Seloka Hari Raya however, could have been done a lot better in all aspects and As’ad, you can sing well, so why not cut the autotune and go all out this Hari Raya?

The Meme-worthy:

Lavida Raya by Dato’ Vida

Entreprenuer-slash-actor-slash-singer-slash-influencer Dato’ Vida has been quite silent ever since her court case and the elections. While many thought she may finally throw in the towel, she comes back in pink and glitter together with her trusted sidekick, Cik B. At this point, we all know she’s not here to truly express herself musically – she just wants to dance in front of the camera, and become the Meme of this year’s raya.

Tak Tun Tuang versi Raya by Upiak

Good God. This song only exists to make money huh? As of now, you have the original Tak Tun Tuang version, the Upin & Ipin version, the Padang version, the Islamic version and the latest one, the Raya version. It’s basically the same damn song with lyrical tweaks here and there, so this deserves to be at the bottom of the list because – it’s simply a no-brainer.

Bonus Round:

Lagu Raya 11 Suara by Danial Lawak Solo

In the bonus round, Danial Lawak Solo presents an interesting mashup of celebrities singing your favorite Raya song including Dato’ Aliff Shukri, Chef Wan, Shark, and Jai.

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