By A.Akbar

Shah Alam-based studio High Castle is known to host various band sessions, including their brand ambassador, post hardcore band SOG. To spice things up, the good people at High Castle, produced a series of 101 videos on a bunch of How-Tos in the jamming studio. But what caught our eye was a tutorial on how to play drums without damaging the cymbals, demonstrated by Raja Nazmin Shah of SOG.

Damaged cymbals are a common problem in jamming studios in the country. Cymbals are expensive, so to replace them regularly due to damage can be considered costly, especially for small or new studios. Here, Raja Nazmin Shah shows the proper way to play drums without making your local studio spend a fraction of their daily earnings just to replace the cymbals.

Watch the video here:


TIPS DRUMMING DI STUDIOBERSAMA ADEK SOG!Raja Nazmin Shah bagi tips untuk drummer-drummer luar sana, macam mana nak jaga/pukul cymbal dengan betul. Jadi lepas ni korang dah tahu macam mana caranya, pukullah cymbal dengan baik. Lesson to learn and to improve!Jangan lupa like dan share!!Nak tengok content lain?Subricribe ke Youtube Channel

Posted by High Castle Studio on 11hb Mac 2018