By Shazwan Zulkiffli and Muhammad Nabil


Hasbro’s classic Transformers can be considered the fathers of modern action figures ahead of their 80s rivals Thundercats and He-Man figures. Transformers were a part of a generation of toys that also produced cartoons to assist on the sales, which gave birth to a 90s childhood full these toy-cartoon brands. However, Transformers are a cut above the rest and can still appeal to the current generation of kids with constant new toys, movies and video games.

Hot Wheels and Tomica

Some people played Hot Wheels, some people played Tomica. It was the ultimate Coke or Pepsi argument for 8 year olds at the time. Both brands have their own individual edge: Tomica produces diecast replicas of real cars, such as the famous Nissan Fairlady while Hot Wheels collaborated with the likes of Cartoon Network, Disney and other movie franchises to bring iconic cars to life like the DeLorean used in Back To The Future. Technically, the Tomica cars are better in terms of material and detailing, but Hot Wheels won my heart years ago with their crazy tracks and designs. Who would’ve forgotten the Hot Wheels Car Wash model? We washed our toy cars with this!

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

It’s sad that the new Power Rangers aren’t good-looking enough to be made into toys (well, it’s not like kids nowadays would appreciate the aesthetics anyway), but the original Mighty Morphin’ toys were nothing short of legendary. The vintage rangers had two heads that could be rotated whenever necessary and the Zords were out-and-out majestic. The best part about the Zords are that you can combine all of them into the Megazord we know and love.


Before everything else went viral, Furby did. It was one of the hottest Christmas gifts out there for years and for a kid who had one, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. It’s cute, it could talk, and it gives you the creeps that night when it’s suddenly switched on by God knows who (it was thrilling, wasn’t it?). The best model was the Gizmo Furby, a tribute to the cute-critter-turned-monster Gizmo from the movie Gremlin.


Parents would just say that this is just a fancy version of the gasing, but it really isn’t. Beyblade was more than just a line of spinning top toys. It was a competition of wit and strategy – and every kid on the block had it. Developed and manufactured by Takara Tomy in 2002, Beyblade dominated the market and was one of the most popular toy lines in the world for over three years.

Tamiya Mini 4WD Car kits


When it comes to car kits, Tamiya is undeniably the maharaja. But let’s talk about the classic Tamiya Mini 4WD. The days when we would run our cars in the nearest longkang were glorious – until it got lost somewhere or was damaged. But as a kid, assembling all the parts wasn’t easy, and having to take a fraction of your father’s weekend to assemble this is part of the package where it’s fun.

Toy’s Story action figures

Disney Pixar film Toy Story played a huge part in the toy industry boom in the 90s. Of course it did – Disney produced a film about toys who could speak – it made kids go crazy over the toys. Maybe Sheriff Woody was the main character, but it was toys of space man Buzz Lightyear that really stole our hearts. But hell, we don’t mind having the whole crew with us, especially since Disney remade the collection last year!


THE toy that that spurred the imagination of kids everywhere. Lego collaborated with a lot of franchises, Lord Of The Rings, DC Comics, Indiana Jones, and most notably, the Star Wars movie franchise. Half the fun was assembling the models and recreating your own set pieces to your liking, but the other half was destroying them and then reassembling them as whatever you envisioned, and that’s the beauty with Legos. There are no restrictions. Just build whatever the hell you want it to be, and people can’t say it’s wrong, because it’s your creation.