By Shazwan Zulkiffli

One of Britain’s most charming actors, Idris Elba, fought and trained his heart out in a three-part documentary series that will cover the icon’s lifelong ambition to become a professional fighter realised, pushing him to his limits as he overcame pain while mastering specialized techniques and skills at the age of 44.

Shot in Cuba, Japan, UK, South Africa and Thailand, Elba received training and mentorship from coaches, trainers, and former world champions to experience the true experience in becoming a world-class fighter. The series will also feature him fighting a seasoned brawler in a main event match.

There won’t be any Jaegers for Elba to use as he battles real life Kaijus in pursuit of his ultimate endgame: the challenge.

“Fighter” will premiere this January 29th, 9pm exclusively on Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551).

Watch the trailer down below:

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