By Aida Rashid

IKEA is almost always associated with couples; be it married or not. People always have the idea of romantically browsing through the collection of furnitures with their significant other, imagining their future home together. Thanks to chic-flicks like 500 Days of Summer that condition people to think that way.


However, shit gets real when you and your significant other ACTUALLY want to purchase something from the Scandinavian-styled furniture store. Choosing the perfect kind of furniture (and having to fork out money for it) isn’t always easy when you have conflicting ideals with your s/o. So relationships most often than not get tested in the corners of the ideally ‘happy’ place.


So Jeff Wysaski, a comedian, decided to install a ‘Relationship Saving Station’ at and IKEA in Los Angeles to help keep couples from fighting. The stunt includes placements of phony products labelled as ‘5 quick ways to easy tension with a loved one’ in between furniture displays, like these:

(Photo credit: Jeff Wysaski / via Facebook: obviousplant)


We don’t know the level of it’s efficacy, but we sure wish IKEA would take the initiative to officially install this — all for the sake of keeping fragile couples together.


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