By Norain F.


After taking a break for a year, The Impatient Sisters are back once again with their latest single, called ‘Hanyut’. Released on YouTube just a few days ago on May 11, this song revolves around a very important theme that deserves more recognition in the music industry which is women empowerment. Written by Junad M. Nor, the music video portrays the essence of the song which is about leaving all your troubled past behind and the importance of sisterhood. In the local music scene, this theme isn’t always the centre of focus. So for The Impatient Sisters to come up with a song that focuses on empowering women is actually really amazing and this theme definitely deserves to be highlighted in the current music scene.

The Impatient Sisters is a trio hailing from Pahang, consisting of Soraya, Nazeera Taib, and Irena Taib. Their sound is a distinct mixture of melancholic folk with acoustic guitar and xylophone. The trio has come a long way from their humble beginning way back in 2010 and now it’s safe to say that their success has reached a new onset.

Their songs are available on Spotify so don’t forget to give them a listen.

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Hanyut is available on Youtube so check it out!

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