By Jeremy Say

Infinix Mobile is a yet another new challenger in the Malaysian market for smartphones. With so many to choose from, why should we care for yet another brand? Well, this Hong Kong based company will be releasing three of their latest and well featured smartphones for the consumers to decide – Infinix HOT 4 Pro, Infinix Zero 4 and Infinix Zero Plus.

Marco Beh (马兴泰), Country Manager of Infinix Mobility Malaysia launching the three latest smartphones (Infinix Zero 4, Zero 4 Plus, HOT 4 Pro) at the official launch of Infinix

The Zero 4 series for starters, is designed for photography enthusiasts. The phones come with Optical Image Stabilization from a f/2.0 lens and contains 6 camera lens, all of which helps against hand shaking and low light blurring issues. Capturing that perfect shot with the Zero 4 Plus’s 20.7 MP is just that much easier. Meanwhile, the stock Zero 4 comes with a 16 MP camera is on the higher end of smartphones in the same price range of RM999. Sadly we will just have to wait for the pricing to be available for the Zero 4 Plus, as it will not be on the market till April.

From L-R : Victor Hong (洪伟彬), Director of Thorus Technology Malaysia, Marco Beh (马兴泰), Country Manager of Infinix Mobility Malaysia, Shierlyn Chan (陈月玲), Director of Thorus Technology Malaysia, Marcia Sun (孙晓蒙), Head of Southeast Asia, Infinix Mobility and Janson Kwan (关兆锟), General Manager of Thorus Technology Malaysia

I say sadly since we won’t know the price to performance ratio for the Zero 4 Plus, which comes with a bigger battery at 4000mAh. As for the other specs, nothing really stands out other than the Helio X20 MT6797M Deca-Core 2.0GHz processor on the Plus model. I should also mention that there is an Infinix Xshot Camera Kit, which basically is a clip on lens kit. No news on the pricing for that one either as of yet, but we’ll hopefully know soon.

Infinix Ambassadors showcasing the new Infinix Zero 4 and HOT 4 Pro

Moving on to the HOT 4 Pro, there basic model, which at RM599 seems like a good deal. While I can’t say it outperforms its competitions, it doesn’t slack either. With a supposed 48 hour battery life and high quality stereo speakers with 3D Stereo Surrounding using Dirac Stereo Widening™, this phone sounds great. The phone also boasts a loud receiver, which mean you can talk in almost any environment without a problem so you can talk more.

The aesthetics of both series look good with their metal unibody, but the oddly bulging camera on the Zero 4 Series does take away from the sleek look. Zero 4 owners will have a proud camera and it has no issues showing itself off. The only colour currently available is Lilac Grey at the moment, but we are told a blue version will be out sometime in June, as well as new colours in the next phases. The HOT 4 Pro comes in many more choices of colours off the bat, with Lilac Grey, Champagne Gold and Galaxy Blue. Both the HOT 4 Pro and Zero 4 being widely available by next week, either by your local retailer or Lazada – which they are partnered with.

The phones comes with a one to one replacement for the first 15 days, a six month screen warranty and a standard one year warranty. For more info check out or their Facebook.