By Aida Rashid

Bittersweet’s presence has been a stable of independent scene since as long back as we can remember. It’s exciting that now they are back with a single cheekily called ‘Inspire Desire’, unintentionally coinciding with the lyrics in Dato’ Vida’s ‘I Am Me’.‘Hilang’, their single that came out 6 months ago, shortly before Herri Hamid got into an accident, sounds very much like something out of the local 80s Malay pop scene.

However, ‘Insipre Desire’ gives off the 80s Britpop vibe right as the opening notes play. From its’ thumping bassline to the computerized horns, it a bipolar song, making it both bright and dark at the same time. “Find me a good way/ Is that what you longed for?/ My love never ends/ Anytime you want now” sounds like a plea of a lover, showing dedication to making things work. The music video is rather nostalgic, as it’s made of a compilation of pictures from the band touring in different countries, shot in lomo.

Check out the track here: